Pimax SDK/API/Samples



I would like to start looking into adding native Pimax support to one game. Is there any SDK/API/Docs?



Check the Banner topic. Links for Unreal & Unity.


thanks, I’ll look into those, but is there a hello world app that uses Pimax API to submit a texture to HMD, independent of engine ? Maybe will be obvious from those Unity/Unreal SDKs, will have a look.


That we will need @Dallas.Hao to look into.


Something like this, but calling Pimax APIs :wink:


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The SDK instructions are updating ,We be ready to download in our website.I will update the website address when it’s available to download


I’m also looking for a way to support the pimax in my software (eg. a way to submit a texture to HMD).
Is there really no way for the software to add pixmap support if the software doesn’t use the Unity or Unreal engine?


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Sdk available for non unity & unreal available?

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Where can I find more information about the the support of software using the Oculus SDK? Can the Pimax 8k be used that way without compromises? I’m the developer of a software that supports Oculus (but not using Unity or Unreal engine), and I had enquiries about Pimax support. I don’t have access to a Pimax device yet, and I would like to check the software support prior to ordering. If using the Pimax 8K through Oculus SDK is a non-optimal compromise, is there any timeframe of when a general SDK is available? I’ve not really been able to find any relevant technical information in the developer section or forum. Please give me links if documentation exists. Thanks in advance.

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Hi welcome to the pimax forums. I have added 2 pimax team members whom should be able to help with your request.

Just please be patient as the team has been pretty swamped lately.

Now @SweViver might be able to give a bit of a list if games outside of unity & unreal that work directly from pitool & ones that may need revive. Other community members @EarlyBackers can also likely give a list of games & programs that are working aa well.

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Hi, so I had a quick glance at Unity/UE SDK provided, and that is not what I am looking for. At least UE simply comes with pre-built plugin binaries, but how to actually produce them? It would be great to get standalone low level (C/C++) Hello World sample just as OpenVR and Oculus SDK provide, that show how exactly app can communicate to Pimax hardware/API/driver/service whatever mechanism it is.

I completely understand that it isn’t the highest priority at the moment, but hope to see such sample added in the future.


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