Pimax sending out invalid tracking numbers

I received an invalid tracking number on 19/2/19 6:50 pm and immediately emailed Pimax Support, but got nothing, not even acknowledgement of receipt of the email.

Nor am I the only one getting issued invalid tracking numbers: https://www.xsimulator.net/community/threads/pimax-all-about-the-vr-headsets.10889/page-16#post-172993

As Kickstarter backers we were told our orders were the priority, but sadly Pimax actions suggest otherwise, we are now at the end of February and even pre-orders are being delivers before Kickstarter orders have been filled.

So can somebody at Pimax please take the initiative, check what the hell is going on with the issuing of invalid tracking numbers and make contact to resolve it with those like myself who have yet again been caught up in this debacle.


Hey cool your boots there ive still to get a tracking number false or not lol

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There is no reason for either of us to cool our boots, both circumstances really are unacceptable.


I agree but its proved time and time again that venting on this forum gets you nowhere and i am sure if anything put to the back of the list lol

Can’t be back of a list that is not meant to exist, after all Pimax continues to clam Kickstarter 5k+ have shipped…unfortunately if Pimax does not issue valid tracking numbers the claim has to be considered false until proven otherwise :wink:


Well i for one just plan to not raise my blood pressure any more and hope to get all 3 of my headsets asap as theres little more i nor anyone can do

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WE can’t do anything to resolve invalid tracking numbers, but Pimax can…and dare I say should do something about it!

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I don’t understand people who say “i have been waiting 2 years, cool down, its normal, they are young and inexperienced, don’t go hard on them”.
No its not normal, if you can’t do it you don’t do it, simple as that. If you are young and inexperienced, grow up first, then tackle international business. I never seen a legit business like that, this is unacceptable.
Stick with domestic business pimax, you aren’t ready for nothing and it is bit looking optimistic for future.

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how is it now? have you opened a ticket ?