Pimax Sept 16 News Update Speculation



No, its my CV1 and the 4K I just got lol.


If Pimax announces more headsets I’ll be officially done. Pumping out a new headset model every 6 months while the previous ones are left to die by the wayside is a fast way to lose all support from your community. Already the headset we waited months for through CONSTANT delays will be outdated and outshined by a new shiny unit with better specs…really makes your community feel pretty crappy. I mean how many headsets does Pimax have now…7? Do we need anymore right now? Rapid firing new HMDs doesn’t make up for their lack of polish and glaringly obvious flaws…


Why would you be done considering they told all of us about the 8K-X after the community requested it?

Its only natural that they will develop more HMDs since

  1. Its what the company does

  2. With the 8K X 5K+ and the old 8K will be redundant.

As far as I can see, this company is the only one pushing the bleeding edge. If they keep going, it better for everyone.

I just purchased the 4K for almost nothing. Is it perfect? No. Does it offer resolution to rival much more costly hardware? Absolutely. If Pimax makes more hardware, older models drop in price.

That helps everyone.


I’m obviously not talking about the 8kx since we have known about it since the kickstarter…

This company cant even produce ONE of its promised accessories and yet you want them producing 2…3…4 knew hmds every year?


They have told backers several times that accessories are done in partenership with other companies.

These guys build HMDs.


If Pimax is planning to announce the 8K-X before Christmas, 5K+ price should be cut by at least 100 USD , and ASAP…

With the Index now selling for as low as 539 euro in the EU Steam Store (bare headset) and similar price in the US, with its overwhelming quality compared to Pimax, the 5K is soon to be doomed to be relegated to a niche FOV enthusiast market to a even more profund level, if nothing is done to improve it’s quality PLUS starting to ship the promised accessories and deluxe head strap to backers…and hopefully finally couple it with base stations/hand controllers…

Pimax wake up !! Selling more units and gain a market share and visible presence in SteamVR is of capital importance now, instead of capitalizing a few dollars more per unit and sell almost nothing…

@Dallas.Hao @PimaxUSA


Valve index has bleeding edge video refresh rate and audio speakers, The only thing 5K+/8K has more is FOV, and the bleeding edge tracking is done by Valve.

I like my 5K+ but it’s not really a final consumer product… so will the 8KX be one before the end of 2020?


If you dont suffer from motion sickness all the index means is that games are harder to run. Not to bash the index, its cool, I like 144hz, but at least Pimax has delivered on FOV.

If they can get the X to be where the 4K is in terms of lacking SDE, and can deal with distortions I think it will be an aersome HMD.


Some reviews indicate that higher refresh rate give more then less motion sickness. resolution on itself will no give my complete VR paradise unless colors, contrast and black level are also improved.


Don’t expect contrast to improve too much, or colors. LCD just naturally has cooler colors, and because of the way the technology works, it’s black levels will never be as good as OLED.

The only solution that I’ve ever seen implemented was putting a second High refresh rate panel in grayscale behind the first panel for a kind of full-array local-dimming on steroids


Exactly that; I don’t expect much improvement from the 8KX except resolution…


We already have been, if I hadn’t bought the vive set and had to use 3dof for 8 months and counting, I would be so pissed.
I have big respect for anyone who had the patience not to buy controllers and bs.

I don’t really expect much especially regarding sword sense.


I hope they can keep the pricing around 1000$. I’ve heard the 8k X is what they want their flagship to be, so if its much more expensive than 1000$ then few may buy it. Currently the 8k is their flagship as listed on the website so, who knows.


I’m hoping for the accessoires, like facial cushion and the rigid Audio-Strap, as well as controllers and basestations.


Hopefully they announce pricing for the 8k X on the 16th.


Pimax-Day, huh?

They‘ll announce a 25% discount on (8K and) 5K+ purchases. And not much more.


and not one of them finished. Imagine back when the kickstarter launched they only had one headset the 5k and focused all of their efforts on making it the best possible.

It would have been out earlier and we might even have our controllers.


Agree, I was forced to buy a second hand vive and overpriced knuckles controllers because i was impatient.

But on the plus side, im just one hmd away from a complete index kit, should pimax fail.


I got that kit already but with Bs 1.0…:roll_eyes: :woozy_face:


Same. I was “forced” to completely rebuild my PC, buy a second hand vive kit and a new DAS.

On the bright side, I got more interested about VR gaming so I invested in the Valve Index which I’ve been using ~3 hours/day every day . Pimax 5k+ Ive used about 10 hours total.

About the sept. 16 announcement I think they will tell the 8kx and the controllers pre-order opening day.