Pimax Sept 16 News Update Speculation



Yep if the September update doesn’t tell us when the controllers and base stations are going to be delivered I will be moving on . I can’t wait forever . The software still has a lot of issues also .


Have you got used to the index controllers yet ?


I have also purchased vive base stations and controllers but I have avoided playing a lot of games because of the vive controllers .


Yes thats a downside for sure, reading this forum it seems that no game works properly, or gets broken with every steamvr/game/pitool update.
IDK if they should ditch the oculusssupport and go full official Valve partner. IDK.

Yes. They could be better, but yeah gotten used to them. Took some time though.
By that I mean ergonomically better.


A lot better for turning and moving than the vive controllers ?


Yes of course, trackpads are no match for the sticks.


This is why I still have hope for the Pimax controllers . But as i just said I can’t wait forever .


If Valve starts selling the index kit in Australia I will definitely buy one .


Yeah I’m hoping the Pimax controllers will be even better than the Index knuckles.

But I’m not sure if I can recommend those Index controllers to you, they’re not perfect. And they quite pricey too.


Hehe the best I have found so far for the controllers only is over $800 AU . OUCH :joy::joy::joy:


I hope they improve Oculus support because there are some great games on there way that I am looking forward to playing .


Yes it’s kinda double-edged sword


At least I can get the Oculus S from Amazon AU for a decent price .


Which is my plan B if nothing comes from the Pimax announcement this month . Come on Pimax surprise us like you promised :+1: @PimaxUSA


We will be flabbergasted and rendered speechless by the announcement :joy: :grin:


Hehe yeah it will probably be about the 8kx (which is Awesome for the waiting backers) and nothing else .


That’s a little but exaggerated but I agree about dropping Oculus support as ReVive exists… :grin:


I want the Swords and base stations (and paid for 10m cable) (and eye tracker) so I can sell both my headsets. I don’t have time for VR right now but I’m interested in the 8K-X later absolutely.


Unfortunately I don’t think Pimax can win this one.
If it’s underwhelming, everyone will be mad because of the hype. If it’s something new, everyone will be mad because the other stuff isn’t ready. If it’s everything everyone wants, everyone will be mad because it took so long, and because of the implication that some elements sat waiting for other elements to be ready just so there could be a big announcement.

I personally don’t have any issues with Pimax because they’ve always done right by me, but I don’t think companies on the proverbial PR backfoot do themselves any favours by hyping announcements.


I want an official announcement of a complete bundle with all the accessories we already paid for. I don’t care about the 8kX that requires a 2080Ti SLI to use, the target audience for this headset is 0.01% of the gaming crowd.

Pimax, give me what you owe me and let me sell all that stuff on ebay, i’m done.