Pimax Sept 16 News Update Speculation



I think it’s important that definitive information on each item that has been discussed is relayed to the community. We also have some conceptual changes to talk about and the livestream could be 2+ hours long but there will be some tldr summary web pages to refer to.

Hopefully people will appreciate detailed information even if some of the items aren’t happening as fast as we would all like. There are also quite a few items in the list that are very positive developments and some that will get detailed data but take some time.

Base station and controllers update?

“Give me what you owe me.”

Okay, wow! First off, you backed a kickstarter. You backed promises of a product, not a product itself.

Second is, eye-tracking was a stretch goal, it was never part of the original Kickstarter package.

Third is that while the controllers are a first-party device, Pimax has to work with 3rd party vendors to bring those to fruition.

I don’t blame any of you guys for being impatient and for wanting what you want, after waiting this long and paying.

That said, you’ve waited this long, so what exactly is killing you about waiting a little longer?

Think of how those guys who backed the Sixsense Stem must feel.

They never even got a device after multiple years of waiting.

I just bought the Gen 1 4K headset 2 years late for Christ’s sake, and I’m very happy with it for what I got.

The other thing I find hilarious is that you guys have already bought official first party steam controllers.

Do you really think that the sword sense controllers are going to be at the same level of QA?

Here’s to hoping, but consider what you’ve gone through already.

I also think it’s funny but you’re saying “give me what you owe me so I can sell it on eBay,” this is sure to make Pimax go faster lol.

I think that some of the backers in this Kickstarter project should take this whole experience as a lesson in caveat emptor.


Been lying low for a while, waiting for updates is tortuous so I’ve spared myself the pain :slight_smile: I have a Lenovo and WMR controllers, and a 5k+ without controllers, and the announcements they make will decide whether I buy more Pimax products or go elsewhere.

I feel I have been pretty patient, in October it will be one year since pre-orders began (and yes, longer still for backers).

  1. Accessories such as high quality headstrap, foam, nosepiece etc - I need a firm date of release within the next couple of months, and absolutely no later than Christmas. I also need a reasonably high degree of confidence in the design, so that the current discomfort of the 5k+ will be largely solved.

My current setup of additional foam and counterweight is not great, and I regularly end up with blurred vision in one eye, discomfort on my nose, counterweight falling off, and so on, requiring constant adjustment. So I simply can’t make proper use of the 5k+, which is a shame.

  1. If I hear promising things on these fronts, then I will buy them from Pimax. If I don’t, then I’ll spend money elsewhere to get the best quality replacements to solve it once and for all myself, and I will therefore not come back to Pimax accessories.

  2. Controllers - I again need a reasonable release date and reasonable expectation that there are ergonomic improvements (and no future compatibility issues) over the Index controllers. Otherwise, I will finally just buy the Index controllers and not look back to Pimax. Again, I’ve been waiting a while (without playing any controller-based games the whole time) so I feel I have fully given the company a chance to get my money. So, take the opportunity now, or lose it :wink:

  3. Talk of the 8K-X or other future headsets is all very nice, but at present it’s like buying a high performance car that you can’t buy tyres for. I appreciate that the hard work goes into the engine, chassis etc, but it comes to nothing without the other essentials.

It all has to work ‘out of the box’ and I know Pimax appreciates that, because without it they don’t have a mainstream consumer product (which I’m sure the 8K-X is intended to be).

So Pimax, you know this is what we are waiting for. When will you get all your 3rd parties working together with you to deliver ‘the complete package’? :slight_smile:

I look forward to your answer on 16th Sept and here’s hoping you give me the confidence to purchase these items from you :+1:


Livestreams and summary pages already sound like a more cohesive announcement than previous attempts. Hoping for the best from y’all.


Inside out tracking confirmed? If Pimax really can’t get lighthouses I wouldn’t mind, as long as there continued to be full lighthouse support. Or does these conceptual changes relate to new panels, lenses and better plastics?

I’d love to hear the 8KX is going to have new x2 full rgb OLED 4k displays, newer lenses and better plastics, considering all possible conceptual changes, and news about brainwarp maybe allowing panel refresh above 75hz up to 90hz.


The conceptual changes are company related and related to how and when we disseminate information moving forward not hardware related. Of course there are a lot of hardware and accessory things to go through as well and that discussion is the overwhelming bulk of the presentation.


Livestream when/where?


We’ll announce that on the website (and here as well I’m sure) in the coming days. It will probably be a youtube livestream.


My prediction is lots of updates, but nothing is shipping…

[VRGIMP27 - are you even a backer? Just wondering if you have a horse in this race?


My prediction is lots of updates, but nothing is shipping…

It sounds like that … but if true, it would be pretty funny that after all the wait and hype we still won’t know the exact date everything is coming.

But 2 hours of info is still pretty exciting compared to the complete silence and everyone being left in the dark about the progress for months.

Worst thing that could happen is they give updates about everything, ‘speculate’ about when everything will be ready, and then just go silent for a few more months.

Another idea: Maybe they will release a lot info about 8K-X … so much good stuff (2hours+!) about it that people can’t resist… plus a ‘speculated’ availability date … and open it for preorders! (Wonder how many of us will give Pimax money for a preorder again.)

Livestream would be in-effect a direct-response infomercial show … Preorder NOW and get 20% off retail price! Be one of the first 50 futurists to preorder and get coupon for $100 off wireless adapter! (Wireless adapter coming in 2H 2020)

LOL, but seriously I just hope it is worth the wait.


Thank you for the quick clarification on the “conceptual changes” phrase. I’m glad it was only intentionally terrifying, and not properly l purposefully.


I really hope we at least get the controllers and base stations . Pimax need a full kit to attract new customers .


Didn’t they also want to wait shipping the controllers until the basestations became available?


Not a backer, (because the base 8K did not support native resolution during the Kickstarter campaign as we had hoped,) but I have been a forum member offering suggestions for features since 2016, with the launch of the Pimax 4K.

I do now own a Pimax 4K, and enjoy it a lot. I am planning on getting 8K-X as it will likely have the specs I was hoping for back during the KS campaign.

As I said in my comment, I fully understand people’s frustrations having spent so much, but everyone has already waited this long.

The company has explained ad nauseum why controllers and base stations have been difficult to deliver, and backers of 8K-X were told that it was not even in development yet, so they did not advise backing it.

As I recall, @Heliosurge @sjefdeklerk and myself among others were frustrated at the lack of native 4K support in the basic 8K, so the company responded magically with the 8K-X out of thin air.

I did not back it, because I knew at the time, that it did not yet exist.


Im looking forward to seeing what this update is all about & will tune in on the 16th.
Although i hope for something solid, im going to prepare for disappointment.

Im intrigued about the 8kx & want to hear the progress even though i would not pre-order.
New lens for the 8kx would be a biggie i think.

What i & probably many others really want to hear about is major progress with solid ship dates for some of the main kit for the 5k/8k, ie, headstrap with audio, 10m cables, hand tracking, controllers, base station delivery date & even some of the stretch goals like eye tracking.
Also anything that concerns a comfort upgrade would be welcome, ie better facial interface, in/out adjustability, new more comfortable face mask.

Im not expecting the moon on a stick but i think delivery of at least some of the components is overdue.

Would also be nice to hear about a new casing using different plastic going forwards for all hmds.


8K+RE headsets from Face book, by [Stephen Bowman]

Currently testing the enterprise focused Pimax 5K+RE & 8K+RE headsets at our London offices. All in all, pretty impressed so far. Specificslly the 8K+RE which appears to have an improved set of display panels, which deliver near zero SDE and much sharper visuals (certainly as far as any of our testers could see). The lenses are the same existing ones. The units feel firmer, less case flex and the finish on the plastic (slightly rubbery/satin) seems more ready for the knocks that units in LBE & business settings tend to get. The RGB front stripe doesn’t feature on the RE models, instead there is a polished metal chevron, along with metal buttons and a metal Pimax logo recessed into the front. Tracking and use with PiTool are the same as the non RE units, aside from the 8K+RE which seems to come up as an 8K+ in PiTool. Will update you further as we continue to test these. Stephen. VR-Centre.co.uk

What I would like to know is will the 8k+RE be released with out the business support at a cheaper price. :thinking:


bad for the people who do not speak English well


8K+ could be upscaled but wih the new panels or the name would be 8K-X… right?


Maybe Pimax will surprise us backers and give us a free 8kXRE model. A bit like oculus did.
What do you guys think, plausible scenario?


Nah why would we get something for free…