Pimax Sept 16 News Update Speculation



It would. And I do have some hope that they’ve designed better lenses for the 8k-X. They were talking about less distortion and what I got from their responses they didn’t do that through eye tracking. So that would imply a new lens design. Which could be a really wonderful thing.

Then again, like you said, getting our hopes up usually implies disappointment with Pimax


Spider sense tingling…


They should hire one of the Goblins to counter. :beers::joy::+1::sparkles:


omg it better be more than that.


So I got the index controllers and I’ve used all of the controllers. I like it, but on an even playing field with oculus touch new or old. Its just not as good. (When I say even playing field, i mean playing games that don’t have finger support, which is pretty much all of them)

Especially in the ergonomics dept. I feel like the joystick is too far to the side and that every but just feels off our out of the comfort zone.

Whats worse is the location of that menu button. Why its placed under the A button is beyond me. I find that the only way i can press it is to reach with my opposite hand and press it in.

Overall it feels like this was the EV4 prototype and it could have used one more revision.

Picking up my quest controllers is heaven by comparison, and with the mamut grips It kind of wins


What you describe sounds like you’re not wearing them correctly, you should be able to reach all of the face buttons and the thumbstick with your thumb,the menu button has been purposely placed in that position because it was too easy to hit the menu button on the vive wands whilst playing and a lot of us complained about it, it’s great where it is now and I haven’t hit it once by accident yet and I can reach it with my thumb. The index controllers did feel strange for a few days but I’ve been using them everyday for over 2 months and love them now. Some people with very large hands have been using boosters if they can’t find a suitable position with the 5 click strap adjuster. The way I put them on is to loosen the strap, hold the controller with your thumb resting on the face so that you can reach all of the buttons and then lightly tighten the strap and adjust the click adjuster accordingly, tbh, I leave the strap set now, just slip the controllers on and can still throw grenades and let go with safety. Spend some time playing games for a few days, all this new tech takes time to appreciate and that goes for valve, pimax and oculus products. All the best


I would say the joystick definitely should be where the track pad is as thats where my thumb naturally rests but it doesn’t bother me anymore now im used to them.
It doesnt take too long to acclimatise.
I don’t have any problem with the menu button.
I do have to mess about with my hand position before finger tracking works correctly.
Quality is spot on.
I do think they could have benefitted from another ergonomics revision (moving that thumb stick) but they are pretty damn good.
10× better than the vive wands.
I havent tried oculus but i can see they are a better natural fit.


I agree, it’s just like you said.


Probably announcing the real update will be revealed on October 16th.


@PimaxUSA It might be interesting to do a Mixer livestream. The sub-second stream latency on Mixer could make for a more interactive stream if there is going to be a QA session if YouTube doesn’t have something comparable. It is https://mixer.com if you are not familiar with it. Details here.

It also has some APIs to let you build interactive things in your stream or bots. It could be used to put together some contests in the future. (YouTube may have something similar)

I watched a stream from Microsoft for an Xbox game release and they had a contest you could join by typing (!join) in the chat.


YouTube has more reach, and is more established.

They may do that together with SweViver, who also has experience streaming on that platform.

Just my first thoughts on this.


What’s a booster?

I can reach the buttons that’s not the issue. They are not placed ergonomically regardless of positioning. Here are my hand measurements for reference

Why should I have to bend my thumb so far back to push this super indented button. Considering how many games use those buttons for important features like opening maps and inventory it should be a little easier to reach and press. Perfect place would have been just above the B button.

plus the joystick being to the right is silly. So far I feel like the track pad is not where near as useful and should be placed to the right and joystick in the center.

I’m thinking about getting a small glob of rubber and placing it on top of the menu button to make it stick out more. Then I can at least press it with the base of my thumb.


Yes the joystick placement is not optimal, but its something you’ll get used to (well I did)
What bothers me more is the small path or movement of thr joystick, its a bit inaccurate.

Maybe this index talk should merge to the index user review thread. @Heliosurge


Yeah, sorry for the index talk, this section is for the update. I’ll just say to drow, if you really can’t live with the index controllers, return them and get a refund while you’ve got time, you’ll probably be able to buy the sword controllers on the 16th of September. there you go, back on topic, sort of.


Can you send me a list of post numbers to move? As some seem related. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:




@PimaxUSA I do not need 2 hours update … I just want to know when I get my goods … everything else does not interest me … and best in writing …


Well it will likely take 2hrs of babble to get near that. :beers::smirk::+1::sparkles:

The question of course is will it contain July’s Good news & a release of the KS advertised BW (2.0).


Guess you’ll just tune in for the cliff notes then. Some of us appreciate this “Pimax Day,” with a bunch of details. Something to look forward to.


yeah seriously. We are all waiting here for ONE piece of news. When are we getting our stuff. There is NO news other than that I give a rats arse about.

If its anything other than that, or anything that indicates their priority is on anything else but that, I will not be happy.