Pimax Sept 16 News Update Speculation



I understand your point, but I don’t feel that way. This Kickstarter actually went better than I honestly expected. I’ve learned to be patient, since I’d rather wait for a good product, than get a crappy one sooner.

I’d like to have the accessories I paid for and the bonus items I was promised, certainly, but my 8K is quite good (even though it has a small crack).

As for news, I’d like to hear about a greatly improved 8KX variant, with a low enough price tag for me to actually consider buying it. (I’ll need to be frugal, since I’d like to upgrade my GPU too.)


so you would rather hear about a product , better than the one you purchased , and have yet to receive?
so you can buy it , even though they have no proven track record that they can even deliver what was promised in the first place?
What makes you think they wont do the same with that 8kx?


Pimax’s “track record” is tarnished for sure, but while there are significant problems, I am confident that they really want to make a great HMD. If the 8KX lives up to the hype, I’ll probably buy it (assuming that it’s reasonably priced).

I’ve got my 8K and I bought a ver 1 base station from Amazon, so I’m set. (I only play seated games, due to lack of space.) Eventually, the bonus items will come and I hope the delay means that those items are better than they would have otherwise been.

I expect there will be hiccoughs and similar communication problems and probably more delays, but that’s OK. If the product is good, I’ll be happy.


Don’t get me wrong I agree 100%, their hearts seem to be in the right place.

But the actual world is cut throat.

They are a goldfish swimming with sharks.


I can second @neal_white_iii
I believe it’s not all gold they made, but I also like my 5k - and also the 8kx will be considered.
I’d love falling to the eco system of the index - but what I perceive from it does not make me jump that way. it’s still behind in many aspects and not at the level I would have hoped. And if steam doesn’t use its budget to do better, that is really sad or maybe they want pimax to succeed :wink: .
I hope we get the basestations and Sense controllers very soon. I also have crack and that is sad, but still the 5k is my favorite HMD - the others are sold or gifted to the family.


I wouldnt mind more delay, more delay means more time for the gpu ecosystem to mature with cheaper, faster gpus, more time to develop better lenses, brainwarp 2.0 and for the Index and Reverb hype to settle down. 2020 vr hype would benefit pimax too.

Last thing I’d like to see after all of this is a defective or uncomfortable headset, or defective accessories.


The controllers have some flaws, personally I’d recommend getting the headset only, though others disagree and do love the controllers. But ‘behind in many aspects’, I wonder which aspects you’re referring to? I think the only 2 advantages the 5k+ has over the Index are the FoV and the glare. I think the Index beats the 5k+ at everything else, like distortion, colors, SDE, comfort, software, refresh rates, compatibility, audio.

I’m looking forward to the new headset(s) that Pimax most likely will reveal the 16th, but if they only improved the (native) resolution I’ll probably skip.


More delay for their next gen - sure, but the current gen needs to hit the shelf’s soon


More in terms of behind my expectations…
it’s still narrow, not sde free, no OLED, some minor flaws here and there - and that from a company that has a herd of gold outleting donkeys.
I hoped it to be a pimax, starVR, etc. killer but it’s just a good HMD not all the way to next gen.
The controllers are the true innovation- and pimax „seems“ to have something the like somewhere down the road also.
So I am still not sure, but don’t see it as a reason to abandon the 5k


As long as the accessories like controllers are not defective with major problems and the pimax’s das is as comfortable as the index’s when the 8kx releases, I wouldnt be opposed to seeing them released earlier.

I wouldn’t even mind if we didn’t see any release dates on sept 16, just more information is really needed.

Eye tracking, wireless, hand tracking should be pimax’s second, third and fourth priorities


Well it’s true that they could have opted for example for higher resolution panels. And personally I wish they had done that. But I do understand their decision. I mean I already have difficulty driving the current panels and how many people out there even own 2080TI’s ? If anyone is to blame for the choices the big guys have made for not going with higher resolution panels it’s Nvidia and AMD.

I also seriously wonder how we’re supposed to drive the upcoming Pimax hmd’s. But we’ll learn more about that soon I guess.


That’s true but I thought we would see something like AI driven upscaling. I guess we need 8k or more to get rid of sde - and upscaling as also native support so that we can hit mass market and by time use the true panel resolution.
Also it’s true we need best GPU support but also companies using all the potential. Lots to do - I hoped valve would at least try on their side a bit harder


My concern is that we’ve hit the wall of gpu development seeing there was no 2080ti super.

Supposedly the limit is 5ghz with cpu clock speed (not counting ipc) but who knows what the wall is for monolithic gpus (dx9-dx12 games use less cores so newer multi core architecture wont neccessarily improve performance in older games)

Maybe its just because Nvidia has had no competition, we’ll have to wait tilll navi 20 and for intel to release their consumer line gpus before nvidia raises the bar again.
Supposedly intel wants to be competitive at all price points, but that doesnt mean they have a 2080ti killer.


Oh man that would rock hard :slight_smile: But is the tech even there? I think it was google experimenting with that last year, but haven’t heard much about it since then.

It is indeed a bit of a chicken-egg problem. If the big guys would have pushed higher resolution panels, MAYBE Nvidia and AMD would have felt a bit more pressure to release their upcoming tech earlier. But then again, most likely not, since VR is still such an extremely small (but steadily growing) niche market for them.


Good thing is that tv company’s are playing that field for the 8k TVs . I thought I saw LG promoting AI Upscaling? Not sure though. That might also be the chance to push ATI and NVIDIA if we see 8k screens.
Then again I thing if valve would call out competitions for VR Development and team up with ATI and NVIDIA that could help also get the API‘s used and the big company’s playing


AI deep learning super sampling (DLSS), and eye tracking dynamic foveated rendering put into the rendering pipeline of the gpu may be the only feasible ways forward for gpu performance gains in older games moving into the future.

One of the oculus vr presentations highlighted the AI rendering very well, by using a small area of rendered graphics to approximate what the rest looks like using only a few completely rendered reference frames per second.


I Hope Pimax 8K X with Sword kickly :sunglasses:
,I’m 5k+ backer ,I love that but I wanted 8K X who Work with RTX 2080 SUPER or My 2080TI :sunglasses:



While more GPU power is important for the future of VR, it’s (imo) not “required” to enjoy an 8KX. Just reduce the super sampling level, until your GPU can handle it. That’s what I will probably do. I have a factory-overclocked RTX 2080 and I will probably not upgrade it for a couple of years.

The 8KX should still look better than a 5K+ or 8K.

Then, buy a new GPU later and increase the SS and in-game options for the optimum visuals.

You might even repeat that last step, if the 8KX is not obsolete by then.


I have found they have mostly delivered save delays & poor communication.

Quality has been hit & miss. But there are a lot of so called established companies demonstrating they are just as “incapable” at launch. Vive Pro, Wmr, HP reverb, Valve Index(which with Valve will say less hiccups than the above; but hiccups nevertheless. Including Black Dots lol)


Indeed AI upscaling I believe is decent for Video… But atm latency for rendering if mem serves is high.