Pimax Sept 16 News Update Speculation



They are going to announce open-sourcing of the code and that BS and controllers will ship soon… :o


Steam already has a flavor of this with shader caching being shared.


More power or Rather both power & Optimized code.


Oh yeah forgot about the open-sourcing of Pitool, it’s been a while since they were "preparing it to be released.


The placement of the joystick is my biggest concern about the index controllers . Most users say they can get used to it but others just can’t stand the joystick position . Are these controllers any good for people with small hands ?


My glove size is 10-10,5 and the index controller fits ok. I’m having the strap at the outermost position.
May I add that when I finally found an optimal position I never have to loosen or tweak the straps, just slip in, well like a glove.


According to steam hardware survey 2080 TI is about 2% of registered users. I think if the 8K X can be driven at 60hz as well as its default 72hz, that will help with current gpus. I also think FFR is going to be important.

The GPU market blows right now.


We reallt need better optimized coding.


where’s carmack when you need him


Last I saw he dropped at JRE podcast (Joe Rogan Experience). That was awesome. So cool to have an insight into the guy who pioneered the FPS gaming industry.


Did cool thinks - but I felt he got kind of stuck technology wise and the linear static level approach has worn of on me. But I guess if he did push up his sleeves once more he could come up with something good.
I wish more companies would opt in on that - I was amazed at how well Star Citizen runs in VR with VorpX - spend hours already that way - to bad nobody picks piñon that and diggs deeper on that - a true AAA VR optimized Titel with all the current tech in it - like ray tracing —- ah one should still dare to dream of auch thinks


The forum is mighty quiet tonight. I guess that’s a good thing (not many people are complaining of problems).

I expect we’ll see more posts, once the announcements are made on the 16th.


Or maybe frustrated to the point of ahh f*ck it.
Just kidding sorry.


I think the fact that there doesn’t seem to be many new users here lately means Pimax isn’t selling many headsets . I hope this changes when they finally release a full kit with controllers and base stations .


We still need a killer VR game to inspire everyone to buy a headset . My hopes are with Stormland .


I tried to get into No Mans Sky but I just found it boring .


I could spread some rumors based on Swevivers Video, there were some clear indications, but I was asked not to do so.
But who is interested could join his patreon :zipper_mouth_face::stuck_out_tongue:


If Pimax release a full VR kit at a competitive price I still think it is a good buy if you are after a wide FOV headset . As long as the controllers are any good :grinning:


So is the September update being pushed back now ?


No there’s also a little spoiler on Twitter…

Ok I just so the other topic lol