Pimax Sept 16 News Update Speculation



What spoiler on Twitter ? I can’t see any controllers :rofl:


this one


Yes I watched it . What did I miss?


Sweviver (Martin) is here in Florida now as are other team members. Thing is we lost a bit of time because the hurricane caused us to lose access to the building for 3 days and it slowed down some of the parts from arriving. Announcement time could be effected a bit.

Ticket 17850 still waiting

Perhaps more like resigned to play this guess/announcement/delay game any more. At first I thought I would add something here but what is the point? We played this game for more than one year already.

Right now base stations and controllers need to be delivered, until then the eco-system is not complete and use of Pimax is limited. I don’t want to distract Pimax by creating some fuss about whatever, they should focus on work. Unless they are blocked by something and then we will see the usual delaying tactics.


Is this a possible announcement delay of a few days or hours? Thanks for the transparency on the issue, much better than being let down on announcement day with no news.


Will know a lot more later today or tomorrow. Lots of timelines to lock down but the teams are very focused.


I just wish pimax would focus on delivering controllers, base stations, DAS and all the other stretch goals. Really hope this announcement is not another Hmd. This will seem like a kick in the teeth


Yes they need to meet their current commitments before releasing new products .


Hope y’all stayed safe!


yeah im sure many users will buy a rift S when that happens.


that’s what i’ve been saying. they don’t need a million half baked products. that’s a recipe for failure.

they have a headset that is potentially the best tech i the business and its wasted by not having a complete kit that people can buy.

no body wants to buy an Index or Vive just so they can play with a Pimax.


Yeah, I’ve heard several rumours too about new headset(s) being announced. I guess it’s pretty certain at this point that this will be the main focus of the announcement.


Nice read. I’d buy an 8KX if it’s good enough


Yes oddbod it’ll be good if they can ship them to backers first, soon or hopefully before Christmas, even just a fixed date so you know where you stand and can plan accordingly. Now get back to enjoying your holiday lol.


Yeah grind games can be like that.


Guess we’ll find out on the 16th.


Indeed we’ve been without power now for 5+ days. We’ve been busy though with some emergency calls. Luckily only 1 fire. But that might change once power restored with trees on some of the power lines.


That’s the day they comeback from their Autumn Festival. Hope they have their stuff prepped


My brother and his wife are in Middleton, N.S… same thing power still out.