Pimax Sept 16 News Update Speculation



I am up around Goldboro (Guysborough County). Yeah it’s been crazy here.


Lots of work to restore power/resources no doubt. Running off generators to power the most precious resource, a cell phone with internet :beer::+1:

Are you ready for the next possible storm to brew on the 16th? I’ve set my expectations low to avoid disapointment.


I hope it doesn’t hit too hard. But yes with being on the Volunteer FD helps readiness. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

Just does keep one out of VR though in the meanwhile.


a tip of the hat :tophat:


Oh sweeet. I guess this means they’re finally adding rgb adjustment to the headsets.


I’ve really been considering getting a whole house generator (using natural gas), for such emergencies. I should probably just buy one.


Well well… You learn somthing everyday :slight_smile:


That will help stay in VR. :beers::smirk::+1::sparkles:


So will a Battery Powered Oculus Quest :sunglasses:


Yes but you have to charge it :grinning::+1:


Do you get many outages where you are ?


Not “many”, but enough. There has been a ~6 hr outage in the last month or so. We’ve had several others this year (just a few hours each). The worst was last winter when we lost power for 3 days. It’s a pain, which is why we are considering a generator.

I used to live ~5 mi from here and we had underground power cables in the neighborhood and a different electric company. We almost never lost power and we lived there for over 20 years.


How’d you extrapolate that information from the post on twitter?


The announcements will definitely not be able to occur on the 16th. FYI the day contains numerous announcements that we hope to be part of the releases. There will be an advisory on the website (it will probably be a countdown timer to the day) and we’ll post here prior to that to give those here a heads-up.


@silveraxe81 :joy: you gave me a good laugh.
But it seems others :roll_eyes: do not share that sense of humour as your post was flagged & removed :disappointed_relieved:


I’m sorry, I just can’t take any of this seriously.


So the announcement will be a countdown timer to the announcement?


So the 16th is canceled becouse of annoucements ?!
Sounds like … Monthy Python :slight_smile: No offence @PimaxUSA


Vive Cosmos details are out now, and nothing really exciting. 110 fov again.

Ball is in Pimax’s court now.


He has just announced that there will be an announcement of a countdown for the announcement.