Pimax Software like White Whale?


Today I receive my Pimax Glasses. I was so happy. And on begining i have serius problem with downloading software.
I try to download it from english page. First link is dead??? second is mega and its stuck on 9%. Even after registration in Mega - nothing change… I try multiple times.
I try download it from china version page - It always stuck on 1% on Opera and Edge

In XXI century after 20 years of Internet in my country I cannot simply download file from page. It is so hard to create download page? Its only 200MB…

What is wrong ? Where i can download this setup software???


Here’s a temporary copy just for today. Good luck!


Hi, please try this URL and tell us your result.
Some time, our server’s website is not very good and we are trying to solve this problem.
Thank you so much!