Pimax started shipping!...(and stopped again...)


A new forum post they made here: Ask Pimax anything about the KS delivery


Thanks for your hint! : )


Yea just setting up my youtube and patreon now for access to my review… lol




I’m so envious right now, then again I need my 2080ti to actually run it.


I have a 1080 and have a feeling my order for a 2080ti will be happening soon…


If I had an 1080 it would have been one thing, but I just don’t have high hopes for my 980ti :slight_smile:


roughly equivalent to a 1070… you may be ok in ‘some’ scenarios.

When I got my Vive/Rift I had a 780 whilst waiting for 1080’s to be released, so put up with 4-5months of tweaking and reprojection fun. Many things still worked well enough so depends what you want to do with it.


The DP version on the 9 line cards only handles 75hz at the resolutions we are talking about IIRC, so it’s not as much about it handling the rendering as it physically can’t.


oh, that would be a problem. They are working on the 72hz mode so might get some success still… but yes new gfx card needed!


I believe there will be VAT still of 20% ( exemption only to businesses), however no import duty for customers at least


I’m hoping mine will be up to the task, at least until there’s a sale on 2080 Ti cards. Maybe “Black Friday” or after XMas sales will beat my headset’s arrival. My backer number is in the 3000s, so I’m hopeful that it will arrive this year, but I’m mentally already prepared for yet another delay.

I would still rather wait a bit longer, than have Pimax scrimp on QA or testing the finished hardware. I want mine to work properly, instead of being rushed out the door.


Shipping updated… its moved a few feet closer to the door!!


Exciting times !

276 whhhheeeen…

But i need a beter gfx anyways … my 980 won’t be sufficient at all lol …


if pimax are shipping them to one of their own warehouses and then re-sending them to end users seperately then pimax will have paid the VAT, what value they are declaring them at is between them and HMRC! :slight_smile:




Another update… (yes my life has become clicking refresh on things constantly!)

So yes, 10 days estimate for that stage as pimax said in the other post…

F5 F5 F5 F5 F5…


keep us updated (20 chars).


10 days! Did they attach the package to a seagull? Are they driving them to England themselves?


Well be happy they did not ship them in a container by ship as then it would take atleast 3-4 weeks!