Pimax started shipping!...(and stopped again...)


Hatchet Harry can only throw one headset over the border fence at a time. Do not worry though as Jimmy the Finger on the British side is a good catch so breakages will be kept to a minimum.


Thats actually pretty fast, buy something from aliexpress and choose the standard shipping method and it will take usually 2-3 weeks to Europe


that’s what i’m expecting. even getting something from uk, i get charged the irish rate of vat at checkout. Unless pimax are taking the hit internally i expect to take some kind of hit.


Hmm I’m used to a couple of days with fedex, DHL etc


And ours have become clicking refresh on our browsers to see if you’ve had an update! :grin:

F5 F5 F5 F5 F5


I have just made an account here to tell that I have also got this shipping message with tracking number.

But my last entry was:

2018-10-09 02:42:58 Shipment loaded at 【Shanghai Hongqiao Distribution Center】, prepare to send to 【Shenzhen Distribution Center】

Backer #17 from Germany.
I hope that my Pimax 5k+ will be delivered to my place without further costs (VAT).
I need the money for a new GPU. :slight_smile:


congrats @DocsOutatimeTV :slight_smile:

Mine now says the same.


Pimax said they where going to trye different companies. So hopefully the one we’ve seen now is the slowest of them all :slight_smile:


… you do realize it’s the same shipment? They’ll be resending the individual packages from England.


yes I know its the same shipment… there are 8 going to Europe together. Just helping point out his isn’t seeing something different.


You pay VAT at the point if sale, hence why you get charged the irish rate of vat, there’s no VAT invoice you then also have to pay on delivery


Ah so because we bought from Asia, the only VAT is handled on import to UK to Pimax warehouses?

I guess it’s different from the Vive purchase which was processed as a sale from Ireland ( Digital River)

But then if Pimax reclaimed the import VAT in the UK, there’d effectively be no VAT charged at all? That doesn’t seem right? Do they not get to reclaim it, or do they become liable to VAT on delivery?


Don’t forget dodgy dave


Waiting my e-mail, patiently


I finally got it!.. The new F5 key since it broke yesterday after checking my email constantly, nothing yet from Pimax though.


Backer range ? Please.


Lol :joy: I got five on it…Remember the Luniz?


LOL, you git! :smiley:



Just received a shipping notification from Pimax.

Probably won’t get to me before the weekend.
Postage from Sydney to me here in Tasmania normally takes about 4 days, so possibly Tuesday of next week.

I am an 8k backer.

Excited much!!


Without knowing the relationship between Pimax and their partners its difficult to say who should or shouldn’t be paying / reclaiming VAT. Thats between them, their accountant and HMRC to sort out.

It does appear ultimately that pimax are picking up the tab, which is great for backers and as promised in the kickstarter.