Pimax started shipping!...(and stopped again...)


No they had employees visit Australia that took te headsets with them and posted them inside Australia to the few first backers. This is not indicative of future postal routes.


Yeah just read the post about the Australian headsets.
Will edit my post now.
Thanks :slight_smile:


You might just have had the fastest route of all. Do post your unboxing or anything when you get it!


Looks that way.
I will post some pics when I unbox it and some first impressions.

Will only be seated for now as I don’t have any Basestations.
I have Vive contollers but they’re no use without the light houses.

Only have a GTX1070 at the moment too.


Mine is bouncing around the distribution system in Hong Kong at the moment.


Very exciting news, are you going to share a bit of your experience on the 8k once you received it and tested it out a bit? :open_mouth:


The v1 Vive controllers won’t work with the v2 Basestation I read so you’re out of luck anyway when you wait only for basestations by Pimax now.


Maybe we’ll see your headset on TV in the Australian Border tru-TV show, customs asking tight questions from the couriers and they saying yeees, noooo, this for my friend, a gift, no I dont work here , only holiday :grin:


correct. v2 lighthouses only work with devices using v2 sensors.

So original vive wands wont work with pimax lighthouses.


You should come to the Gold Coast for a holiday and bring your pimax. It can stay at my place for free :grinning:


Yeah i’m gonna have to pick up a full used Vive kit and sell The Vive HMD and spare set of controllers on Ebay.


This is actually what I am about to do ^^ .


I will post my first impressions.

I currently have a Rift so I am gonna set up my son’s PC right next to me with that running
and I can make a direct comparison between the two.


It’s a cheaper option to buy the full kit than to buy
the controllers and base stations separately.


Me too . 20 !!!


Awesome! Thanks in advance and hope you enjoy it.
Number 68x here so abit more to go for me!


Not too long away for you.

I was thinking of setting up Assetto Corsa and Elite on both PC’s, one running the Pimax
and the other running the Rift.

On Assetto I will load up both PC’s on the same track at the same time and I will pick a point/sign on the track where I can clearly see with the Pimax, and then move the car on the other PC with the Rift and move that to where it can see the same point clearly and take a screen shot so you can have a visual representation of how much further the 8k can see.

I will do the same in ED with both PC’s in the same instance with the ships side by side and sit outside a station and move until I can clearly see the station name by the grill with the 8k and then move the Rift to the point where it can see then take a screen shot from the 8k to see how much closer the Rift has to be.


Got my tracking number :slight_smile:
Backer 70


Got mine too! Backer 72


Backer #53 got my tracking # (1 hour ago), which means they are using my new email address :slight_smile: