Pimax started shipping!...(and stopped again...)


Well, Alright, Alright, Alright!



8K X (Full)
Loaner 8K
Destination: USA

Next batch details?

Supercool, guys! How I wish to be in your shoes


#48 and nothing ;( bouhhhh


Man am I glad I’m not @maxx


Congrats!!! But when you did you receive the question to select the hmd??


I’d query that with support. I would have thought you would have received the tracking number by now, seeing as people are reporting doing so now with backer numbers in the 70s.

There have been both 5K+ and 8K reported to have their numbers, I believe. I am 8K (loaner), backer 53 (UK based), and I received the tracking number today.

I’d definitely contact support, if I were you :slight_smile:


I’m in the same boat as Maxx… I’m backer 30 btw. :worried:

And i also contacted support…


#44 still no sign for tracking…


Yes indeed that’s what I just did, thank you;)


Maybe a month ago or so.

Maybe I’m earlier in the queue since I chose 8k, perhaps 5k+ is slower I don’t know.

Also I’m in EU.


I thought it might depend on the means of transport depending on the country. (Canada in my case)


Yeah, I’m in the 60’s and haven’t received a shipping notice either. Just contacted support.


What country are you?


…I am in the USA…


Thats weird because…



Gonna give it a little while longer, then contact them


I’m sure backer order is relative to 8K and 5K+ options, and maybe a few more 8K’s have gone out today?

Those commenting that they are waiting or that they received tracking email its worth also mentioning which HMD option chosen along with country and backer # to get a handle on the current status and trend!


Did you choose to receive the full package at once during the survey?


This might upset a lot of people however if I were Pimax I would try to minimize the logistics hence sending big quantities to different warehouses. It makes no business sense to send a unit by unit to their EU distribution center. they need to send on bulk quantities to continent distribution centers especially if backers are expecting to pay no import duty (not speaking for everyone) . I’m assuming that they might have followed this route since they have an already established EU center while pending the North America distribution.

I’m just speculating till confirmation from Pimax