Pimax started shipping!...(and stopped again...)


No, I chose to have just the headset sent first.

I’m honestly not worried, more interested in providing my status for you guys… it’s no big deal to me

  • I mean, don’t get me wrong I’d like to get it sooner than later, but it’s fine :slight_smile:


73 & in USA as well and my email arrived early this morning, have you checked the spam folder?


What’s the email sender name?


Email sender name is:





That’s funny! “Stand by”. It reminds me of all the “translation error” pics on the web…


LOL, I did not check that. It probably has many meanings in Mandarin. One could even be ‘Fred Bloggs’ :smiley: And, of course, just be a poor translation, lol

Proof that it is the email sender name:



That was the first Google translation.

Some of the other translations are funny too: plump, hold out, or buttress. Actually, the intended meaning is probably “support”.


Actually my mailbox display it as : 支持 Support@pimaxvr.com


It is.

Support is the correct translation.


Nope, it’s definitely




My Pimax 5k+ is still bouncing around hong kong, current tracking update:

The estimated date was showing as being recalculated yesterday, had me worried for a bit :anguished: :slight_smile:


Yeah, remember the gifs I posted elsewhere a few weeks back…


that says “shipment arrive at GB London”


Same thing here, it’s really weird.


I think that there is where they have their warehouse :wink:

In the email also said that when the package arrive to London, we will get another email with a new tracking number :slight_smile:


Woohoo, I have a lot of friends in Hertfordshire. Mainly in Berko now, but started out in the Watford area. Best mate from Uni lived in Watford, and I got in with his crowd (I’m from Surrey, so a bit of a trip (M25!!!)). A lot of fun has been had in that county :smiley:


My carrier pidgeon looks like he’s a bit lazy, and maybe just a splash_ of diabetes.


Artists rendition of carrier pidgeon. If you’ve seen this bird, please inform what country your in and what your backer number is.


You go off-topic as much as I do