Pimax started shipping!...(and stopped again...)


oh my!!! i didn’t expect them to use pigeons. did he really swallow the whole deluxe package? or is it just cloth headstrap with 5Xface cushion and 10m cable?



I had a different item sent to me via a kickstarter (Qoocam) and it did the same thing, days long kept inside hong kong, had something to do with customs, but then suddenly it went overseas and arrived quickly


Unfortunately Hertfordshire is not the final destination, I live in the north west of England… so I think a number of HMD’s are going there and then redistributed from there, at least I’m in the UK still so fingers crossed only a day or two after that if it doesn’t hang round in the system for days.


I’m in the North West of England too. Where about are you?


I live in Blackburn, 20202020 street


Any early backers located in Berkshire, UK willing to show their Pimax when it arrives :). Or perhaps a london get together club. I lost hope of a Pimax London event.


Hopefully for the US they are going to use DHL or Fed-Ex. Any other carrier choice would be a nightmare for all of us in the USA. Does anyone who got their tracking info to the US know what carrier they’re using?


For me it’s EMS and that doesn’t match the shipping that was paid for but it’s also the Loaner 8K…

EMS has always been slow in my experience.


EMS is probably the slowest method to the US possible from China, and I’ve had a few EMS packages lost over the years. Usually takes anywhere from 10-20 days if at all.


Biggest issues I had with EMS is not the delay but parcels damaged when arrived :frowning:


They sound like utter absolute garbage then.


This could pose a very serious problem for all of us in the US. EMS handing off packages to USPS is a hit or miss situation in many cases. My professional occupation involves a factory in Shenzhen China and we import on a daily basis by land, sea, and air ranging from large crates to small packages. After many items lost through EMS, we only use DHL that has a great tracking system and guaranteed delivery. the only thing EMS can guarantee is that your package will be lost or damaged. Been doing this for the past 10 years with my factory in China. Pimax needs to give us an option to choose DHL or Fed-Ex even if it costs extra, I’m willing to pay it for the peace of mind that my pledge will arrive in tact! Being that I know what i’m talking about from experience, This whole business of intermediate warehouses etc is just silly. All it takes is a DHL or Fed-Ex account, print labels and they’ll pickup batches in Shanghai. No doubt they’re looking for the cheapest method to ship large batches of product, but mark my words of the debacle EMS will cause a lot of us to deal with.

EDIT: I just remembered, I paid $40.00 US to pima to ship to the USA. More than enough for DHL shipping. EMS snail mail is super cheap and cost way less than $40.00! Pimax really needs to be aware of this potential problem and needs to apply the cost we paid for a more reputable carrier than EMS and the US postal service. Not to mention the long delivery time of 2-3 weeks! DHL is 5-7 days including customs through Los Angeles.


@xunshu @Pimax-Support see above post



The majority of pledges came from the USA so Pimax would likely want to save on shipping but it just may not be worth the aggravation from damage, extreme lateness or items never received.


Thanks for your advice. Please contact our mailbox: support@pimaxvr.com if you have some issues about the shipment. please be advised. Have a nice day!


Hey I’m backer 31! Nice to see the person next to me in backing numbers. I have not received a tracking number either, and upon contacting support I was told my headset would be shipped “as soon as possible” in general terms, not giving me an answer as to why I may not have received mail, when they do have my correct email and all my folders still have nothing (spam included).
Just to note:
I chose 5K+, swapped from 8K, and I chose to receive the headset as soon as possible, not bundled with anything.


Yeah I thought for sure all 100 would be shipped by the end of this week considering they are producing 30 to 50 a day.


So how many have been sent 50 ? 70 ?


Same here… :disappointed:


I think our best optimistic approach is to say… it /was/ shipped, but our emails have not been sent, so we may receive it at random over the next two weeks or so? Unsure otherwise. I’m going to wait till monday, just in case that will fix it all, before contacting support again for more input.