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Your welcome. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

Should have a response soon.


@Neo Sorry for the late reply, we maybe ignore the e-mail because of too many e-mails, Please resent your e-mail to our mailbox and note that you have said it in the forum. Have a nice day!


ok thanks Pimax Support

I’ve put subject as

“As discussed in the Forum”


Thank you for your reply, we will handle the issue that you have met.


I’ve just sent it before you replied, can you please check whether have received?? if not i can resend


Leo would be the real name for email, Neo is my game name lol


We can see the record that you have sent and you may not resend , please be advised.


Thanks for the email Pimax Support,

I’ve sent the Seller another message, hopefully they have discussed with you about replacement of the faulty unit. otherwise we are back to square one, I’ll update once i hear back from them.

Thank you.


Finally got a reply from supplier, the supplier stated it’s been a long time ago and cannot help.
I’m very annoyed that I’ve emailed support and supplier few month ago already and it just been dragged on.
the unit was bought Dec 17, and only after a few month it played up.

Pimax support please let me know what to do from here.

@xunshu @henry.lu @Sean.Huang


Just looked at history I’ve sent support and supplier email in March 2018, so it’s only 3 month after the purchase.

@xunshu @henry.lu @Sean.Huang


@Pimax-Support @xunshu

Sorry to hear that Neo. can you please advise which supplier you purchased the 4k from? Gearbest? Amazon? Aliexpress etc? even if you did purchase the Pimax 4k back in Dec 2017 that is still only 5 months ago - and your 1st post here was 15 days ago… so in fact its 4 months ago!

If the unit is defective then they should replace … usually the warranty is a year but will not cover accidental damage. But the warranty may be dependent on the supplier and what the actual fault is…

if it is down to damage from say being dropped and not a ‘hardware fault’ (not working as designed - no fault of your own) then im sure Pimax will be able to honor the warranty and can speak to the supplier on your behalf. they may require screenshots of the damage or issue you are experiencing so they can make a judgement call.

for instance… my headset top strap broke - only a few months into using it… I contacted Pimax Support, i provided photos and purchase details and supplier details of my order, and pimax then sent me replacement strap and face cushion completely free under warranty. without dealing with gearbest (my supplier)… but they wont have spares of everything and like i said it is down to what the fault actually is!

hope this helps



Thanks @Eno

@Neo Sorry for inconvenience, I will send an email to you about this case, please check your inbox later, thanks.