Pimax support system is suck



I asked to cancel my preorder over 5times about

1month ago

becaus i had to go japan 6months for work ,

but there is no answer about that for me.

And now the support page is shut down.

Don’t buy pimax. they will not answer your question

@Dallas.Hao @Matthew.Xu


Yeah same here, they’ve been unresponsive for a long time now. This is terrible customer support.

I’ve tried to cancel my orders as well. I haven’t waited as long as you but waiting to hear from them for more than a week or two is too long.


I agree. I’m waiting for a payment confirmation (bank transfer) for a month now. My order stays in status “payment pending”. They have my money but won’t acknowledge it nor send me the product…
I was excited to try there product but now I fear the after sales support in case of issue.