Pimax to establish US based customer support center



Dear Community,

At Pimax we believe the best VR experience available also requires availability of the best technical support. We take the satisfaction of our customers very seriously and are happy to announce that we are establishing a USA based customer service center that will include technical support, return logistics, warranty exchanges and full availability of technical resources.

We expect the new support center will open in March, 2019 and be focused on ensuring each and every Pimax customer has the most immersive experience with Pimax VR head mounted displays. Our advanced shipping and ticketing systems will dramatically decrease the turnaround time for all customers who require service and support.

In addition we are launching our new Pimax knowledgebase system at the end of January, 2019 to provide customers a first step for detailed answers to a myriad of possible questions.

The system will provide easy to implement answers to the most common customer questions and links to the various technical resources available. Because virtual reality software is constantly changing this new system will be regularly updated with the latest information available and our intention is for this to become the go-to place for fast answers from your PC or your mobile device.

Thank you very much.

Pimax Team

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Thats really good news since i live in the US


Good to hear.
Is there also a plan for a European based customer service i mean many orders came from Europe and for us it would be a lot easier having a service in the Union instead of another overseas service which involves shipping costs and customs… all the time.


What would be great is a “Home Base” for launching games. One customisable in a 3d space.



Any word where in the U.S. this will be located?


The knowledge base system and hopefully you’ll have CRM as well. Very good to hear! Do you have all my info? Just look in my kickstarter pledge and you’ll have my address and phone. I’d like the 5k+. Backer 1618. Thanks!



Welcome aboard Kevin. This will go a long way to establishing Pimax in the west and for offering support here as well. Congrats




Alaska as there isn’t much else up there to do. :joy::joy: (just kidding)

Welcome Kevin! :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


And closer to Canada? :grin:


Florida and then a smaller branch in California


Welcome aboard Kevin… One of these days New Zealand and Australia will get some love from Pimax :slight_smile:


Hi Pimax. Europeans would also like to have a good customer support center. We are more than 300 millions of population with great purchasing power. Take care of us as potential buyers. Many thanks.


That’s quite an understatement the European Union alone has over 500 million people, whole of Europe some 740+ million.:wink:


Sorry. You are right. I meant the eurozone about 341 millions. Thanks.


with USA and Canada just one language will do but when it comes to EU or Europe you will have to cope with >10 languages - defiantly not so easy to handle with just one center, so starting in north america seems logical and if you have capacity left you can extend support to australia and new zealand (or other english speaking country’s)


me too,Waiting too long


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