Pimax Tracking for racing


Hi I’ve pre ordered a headset the 5k + and wanted to know if the tracking is same as Mixed reality headsets. Basically I’ll only be using it for racing games so I don’t think I really need hand controllers/lighthouses, but I would like to be able to move my head forward/backwards and left to right within a seated position. Would I need lighthouses for this or does the Pimax tracking let me do this like the Mixed reality does?


Without Lighthouse you can do look up down left right. No leaning unlesd binded to a controller if possible.

Forward & backwards will need a LH.


Thank you for quick reply, So it will be like on a fixed pivot, Thats cool, but I’ll be probably be looking to buy a lighthouse I guess,… Thanks again.


Can one of these do what CyberdyneSystems need: https://enterprise.vive.com/nz/support/vive-pro/category_howto/about-the-base-stations.html


Your welcome. Yes a pivot. Only big downside is your shoulder check may see the head rest as your head will move like linda blair.

The good pimax has made it so you can get away with 1 LH setup.