Pimax Trade Up program for 4K users



Trade-Up any VR Headset for credit against a new Pimax WIDE FOV high-resolution VR headset! Run your SteamVR and Oculus games with an experience like never before!


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Can I trade my 4K for a 8K X when finish developed?


Currently, just 5K+, 5K XR, 8K.


good , because i had to purchase a full HTC kit to get the base station and controller (and got a DAS too), so now i can trade the useless VIves for another 5K+


I need a trade-in of my 8K on 8KX (I have it in perfect condition, not a single crack, like new :sunglasses: ).
I hope this opportunity will be soon when 8KX is released ?:roll_eyes:


Yes I understand currently, but I axpect you have future plans too?


We will do that in the future if we launched the 8KX.


interesting idea… unfortunately my 4k serial number has worn away on the bottom of my 4k? do you have record of it at Pimax?


My serial number has worn off too, I want to trade in for 8k xd


You can check it through Pipaly. :slight_smile:


Great! I’m hoping to trade in 5k+ for 8kx when available.


Well, I have to say you are a smart guy. That is a trick.


“If” you launch the 8K X? Just checking but I thought after the backers got theyres you were going to make it available to the public. What about backers for the 8K, maybe make 8KX available to them if not the public? Thanks


We will talk about that internal.


Hi Leon,

I checked piplay and there is no serial number there… Please advise where it is?

Note I am using . 95 version




Open pi_device.txt, the serial number should be listed.


What is trade in value for a rift, its cameras, and touch controllers.


Why no reply from Pimax, are they after specific HMD’s?


thanks… could not find a pi_device.txt file, but i did find a pimax_Service.old, which had my serial number in it. path was X:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Pimax\PiService\

thanks for the tip!