Pimax Trade Up program for 4K users



have you gone to the trade in page - linked at the top of this topic? there is a section to trade in other types of HMD’s as well! not just Pimax ones. Or do you mean you have submitted another hmd and you have not heard back??



I would like to TRADE IN the following:

2 chickens
1 horse(cancelled).
12 eggs
3lbs roasted pigs
Pimax 5K+

For Pimax 8K X!!


I would love to trade up to a 5K XR, but the difference between AU$ and US$ puts the price at around AU$1100 and this is without hand controllers and no focus adjustment.

Not prepared to spend that much money without any guaranty that the image will actually be in focus for me.

So out of my price range for this type of VR unit I’m afraid.

I’m sure the technology will improve in the future and I can wait.



I would be interested to know if you could read the S/N with hmdq tool.


With this Luke I can understand. This is where you need someone local that you could try one.


How much can we expect if we trade a HTC vive headset on good condition ?


I have a 4K and a Rift, and if I could trade both for a sizeable savings on 8K-X I would love that.


Wow, what a great environmental initiative! I have an original Vive in excellent condition, with the original box and all original components. (Lighthouses still have the protective plastic film attached and the batteries in the wands are still in great condition)

If I were to trade in my complete Vive kit (HMD, Wands, Lighthouses and all accessories) and my existing Pimax 5K+ (also with original box), would I qualify for an upgrade to a complete 5K XR package with Sword Sense controllers? :wink:

Mostly I’m just interested in the controllers but I do miss the vibrancy of OLED displays, I find it a very noticeable difference.


since no base station are available yet for pimax (from pimax) , it would be really silly to give up your Vive LH and controller that are perfectly working with the pimax


I know this, I’m just asking the question. Sword Sense controllers aren’t out yet either.