Pimax try your best “pull-in” the 8KX schedule

I doubt there is going to be a gtx 3000 and I doubt that why it got delayed.

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I am glad someone said this. Because only the naive would believe that the next gpu architecture is arriving before the end of 2020. AMD would have to pull something special out of the bag to force that.


We might see a 7nm re-release of the 2070/80, but just like they sat on the 2000s for a year longer than the first rumors suggested I don’t see why they would rush the 3000 to market.

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Good point. Nvidia does not need to compete with itself. The only reason would be to test 7nm process (before jumping to the new architecture) and to increase the yield. But with the markup they already have on those RTX cards, I guess they should be safe for a while.

I wish you well with the operation Neil and a speedy recovery


I doubt we will see 30xx cards until Q3 2020 at the earliest.


Thanks! It’s a fairly simple out-patient surgery, but you aren’t sedated, only your eye is numbed. Since I’m in the US, my out-of-pocket costs will be high.

As for the tree damage, after 5 months, the repairs are finally finished, just last Saturday.

Anyway, I’d like Pimax to finish up the 8KX design, but they need to do it properly and not cut corners. The 8K+ and 8KX will likely make or break Pimax. I’d prefer they succeed, even though the company has made numerous mistakes. (At least communication has been better, as of late.)


No, it’ll be out between March and July.

We have just got a new V4 8KX and new cable, and now we are ready to start testing.
I will share you the test results and the latest progress after the test is completed.



If I might suggest after the tests are completed to post these pics & results in the December 2019 Update Topic. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


so it’s using two usb connections rather than a power brick? Or am I reading the cable wrong?


Yes, I wanted to do that.:grin:


Yes, 8kx is powered by USB instead of a power adapter.


Then how were they fried by a power surge without the host PC getting killed as well?
Is the dual USB new for the V4?


Those were fragile custom-built cables. There’s a good chance that the power connections were not final. Also, the headset will need a lot of power and for a show, Pimax might be using laptops and need to plug the USB connector in a power adapter block instead.


Yes, good call, that’s quite likely.


Could be voltage drop too. If I recall correctly from some experiments, typical 15ft USB cables can lose 0.5V at 0.1A.

I can imagine this causing things like broken firmware/configuration issues.

One would assume that they will go with a higher voltage to actually avoid the voltage drop at higher consumption. This is yet another surprise by Pimax.

In addition to computers, 8KX can plug into mobile phone chargers, such as phone charging sockets.


WIRELESS?!?!??!! 8KX with wireless and I’ll never leave my house.