Pimax + Vive DAS 3d Printed Adapter Parts



After filing down, getting my thumb cut and bloodied, numb fingers, finally managed to get it done.


I was thinking of doing an adjustable height(Reddit suggestion) ‘slider’ for the DAS peg section that would be a separate piece from the part that slides over the stock clip. I scraped the idea(for now), in order to get a lot of adjustable ‘steps’ it weakened the ‘bite point’.

I see what you are proposing here, however the two pegs overlap one another. It could be done, however the pegs would need to cut into each other.


Should be doable with the support for the peg in between, meaning the inner part, and a bigger opening on the outer part to allow clearance for the DAS peg to go through.

I had just finished an hour long session of beat saber and that foam is very good at absorbing sweat but totally unhygienic and I had to squeeze out as much sweat as I could and squeeze the foam with a towel to get as much sweat out of its pores.

So the conundrum now is whether I can safely detach the DAS safely or not. Since I think my Vive is better suited for VR exercises. My Pimax needs to be shelved too, I think, until I can get my hands on better GPU since clearly a GTX 1080 is not good at all.

Looking forward to your revised design mate!


hay I would like some of these in Australia, any chance I can pay you on paypal for these parts and pay you to ship them to me? send me an e-mail at robofthalaria@hotmail.com and we can organise it.


There should be loads of 3d printing services in Australia. You should probably download the files from Thingiverse and have them sent to the print shop of your choice. Ought to be much cheaper that way.


My vive DAS turned up yesterday then I spent 4 hours trying to print the adapters because I couldn’t find the glue stick and they kept moving before the printing finished . I found pulling the face mask off VERY difficult and I had to pull a lot harder than I expected . Once the DAS is all set up it is far more comfortable than the Pimax head strap + it keeps the 5k+ off my nose so I am very happy I decided to buy it .


How do I safely take off the lenses/face plastic cover to get the original hinges out?


No need to take the plastic, just gently press the hinge against the plastic and it comes off very easily :slight_smile:


Safer still to use g-coded’s design.