Pimax + Vive DAS 3d Printed Adapter Parts



Pimax has made it so you can’t remove the face mask anymore or at least made it very hard to do so judging from the people that have gotten their headsets later. If you print out the new version which is the sideways version made of two parts, you shouldn’t have to remove the face mask. I’m going to update the link and remove the old versions of the side adapters to stop confusion.


These aren’t my design. It was difficult for me to design/print a new version when the ones I had were working fine, but for a new set I would definitely use the new(v3) design as it is more secure/easier to print. I’m surprised people are still bothering with removing their hinges/face gasket. :wink:


I usually don’t ‘promote’ things, but after seeing people have issues with removing the stock hinges and breaking the printed parts they pay for…my V3 Design solves these problems.


Would you mind adding the center middle adapter and peg to your Thingiverse page. I cant seem to figure out how to order your hinge pieces and DrCubes center adapter w peg without paying for 2 set-up charges. Much thanks!


I never ordered parts but you could try downloading the files you want and then uploading them to print as one order.


I was able to download yours and G-coded files then upload back to Thingiverse but the website wants me to start a whole new project with attributes, catagory etc. It feels like Im stealing yalls projects then reposting on Thingiverse, I only got so far but didnt know some of the parameters to fill in so I gave up.

So I saved them both as a collection but cant seem to figure out how to print them both a the same time with the app Pring A Thing


Hmm does the app print not let you upload your files directly ?


Wow, they charge you for downloading an extra file from a different webpage? :crazy_face:

You could use 3D Builder(if you use W10), import the files you want printed, arrange them, save that as a 3MF/STL file, and then have that printed as 1 file/thing. I’m not sure if that would work(allowed), but that’s probably how a ‘print service’ would print them all anyway(same material/infill).


I thought that if I put them both in my “cart” they would show up as one print job but no dice!

Ok so Ill try what you have listed above… thx!


Those side hinges aren’t your design? LOL

So sorry mate, I saw a split in the middle as though they were two separate pieces and immediately thought of your design.


Wow! Those slide over the hinge adapters are excellent! They fit like a glove over the Pimax hinges, but Im trying to figure out how to attach the round Vive DAS hinges to the printed adapters. It looks like they just snap on but I cant seem to get them to “snap”. Im afraid of putting any more pressure than I already am. I there a trick, maybe need to file down the adapters?? Thanks and thanks for offering these to the community


They do take some(little) force. What infill did you print them at?


Infill is 90% …


I had to file the “tits” a just little (.5mm ish) to get it to snap into the Vive DAS but they work great!

adapters are G-coded’s adapters


You are a deity among mortals. Thanks for creating this and posting it. I printed up a set and it works a treat.


I also would like to thank @Dr.Cube and @g-coded - thanks for your models guys, they work like a charm!


I had these ones printed via Treatstock, but am not overly happy with them - the side clips are visibly bending just from the DAS being clipped on, and partially pop loose just from putting the thing on my head.

Judging from everyone else’s response, I’m guessing that they have been printed badly?

EDIT: adaptor aside, the DAS is quite underwhelming. It’s a slight step-up in comfort, but I now have to fiddle a bit to get the headset into the sweet-spot - I didn’t even know there was a sweet-spot before. The springs on the headphones are way too weak, so the headphones barely touch my ears and are consequently very quiet/tinny. If pushed firmly against my head, they sound alright, but obviously I can’t drive while pushing them against my ears…

It’s definitely highlighted that I need more facial-foam thickness too. Will need to look into that. The convenience over having a separate set of headphones is nice, but it’s not the game changer I expected for the price tag.


After I order the Vive headstrap where can I order these new attachments for my 5K? I don’t have A 3Dprinter…


On the main page where you can see the preview of the attachments, there is a button on right side that says “order these parts”. Click on that and it should give you a list of places that can print the parts for you.


same for me, i tried to remove it twice and it won’t come off so I gave up