Pimax + Vive DAS 3d Printed Adapter Parts



I always like to hear a response thats not like everyone elses. So you actually prefer the cloth strap?


I believe with the newer revisions of the headset you can no longer remove it. You shouldn’t have to anymore anyways since the newest version of the side adapters doesn’t require you to remove it. G-codes side adapters also don’t require you to remove the rubber front mask as well if you want to use his adapter.


i just installed new 3D printed clips on my 5K+ recently and i can confirm the rubber cannot be removed, but replacing the factory clips with 3D printed ones was easy, no removal needed.


I couldnt be happier with the DAS setup. It is a dream to wear compared to stock Pimax. And it makes the GearVR type mask setup seem like a torture device IMO. I believe i upgraded the headstrap padding too though.


No; anything is better than the cloth strap. It just doesn’t feel like a $150+ upgrade.