Pimax vr day meetup event - gouda

Hi everyone,

I will be there at this event tomorrow to try a Pimax product for the first time!

My background:
I used my Oculus cv1 now for 2 years, mostly for simracing.
Never tried another Vr headset.
Became vr enthousiast along the way trying a lot of games.
I was following this technology as much as possible and i was waiting for a headset that will bring a big step up from my oculus.

I guess it will blow my mind like others experienced.
I will try to capture a video of my reaction.

I bought the Pimax 8K X deluxe audio edition, so i will focus on this product more.
Maybe someone have some good questions i can ask them!
I will try to test many things as possible in my time.

Im happy to be part of this community here and im even excited as everyone to get this product at home!

greetings from holland :grinning:


Hi everyone!
Im back with news from the Pimax day in Gouda.

Great setup there in a room 5x5m i guess, 4 setups from Pimax with Earofly fs2, Elitedangerous with a hotas , Assetto Corsa with a wheel and pedals and pistol whip.
All the headset were the 8K plus versions but with different comfort designs.

First impression:

Remember my background, so this was my first time using a Pimax headset.
Everything i wrote is compared to my Oculus Rift CV1.

I tried my first time the 8k plus with the new comfort kit they made and then i tried Earofly fs2.
It was just "WOOW’’! I had no words in the beginning, i was in trance how clear everything is and how wide the field of view is. I saw absolutely no screen door effect. I could read the text inside the cockpit from 1meter distance.

The second try i did Elite Dangerous. I say it just again, it looks freaking awesome! you can read everything very good.You can just enjoy the graphics of the game way more better. In therms of the colours it was very good and for me it looked better with this headset. The black level is even as black as in the Oculus rift and not greyish or something. I focused this time on the comfort kit and it felt really great and i had no issues, well balanced weight so no worries there.

The third time i tried Assetto Corsa. Because im a simracer this was important one for me ofcourse.
I said to myself this is just what i was waiting for, because its so clear you can read everything so easy on your dashboard.
I tried the normal view inside Pitool and also the Large view. On both views i saw no distortion at the end.

But i have also negative things.
The biggest problem for me was to let my eyes getting used to the screens. I think it was the 3D effect or the technik they are using but i had a headache in the beginning. After playing around 10minutes it was becoming less of a problem.
I hope this will go away then after playing more with it. Maybe someone had the same issue and can tell me how they solved it.

That was all i tested so far.
I had a great time there.
The people there are very nice, and they are sharing the same passion and its great to see!
If someone have questions just ask me and i will try to answer them based on what i saw.

Thanks Pimax and VRSpace for this awesome experience!


Wellcome yakomuzo :slightly_smiling_face:

I would be interested in you trying the 8K+ first and the the 8K X with Upscaler enabled, just to compare Them briefly. Then switch to 8K X Native mode to see the difference :+1:

Greetings from Denmark
PS. I too ordered the 8K X Deluxe :smile:


Hope they have working audio prefebly one version of the deluxe audio so you can test.


this is unlikely unfortunately since they seem not to have the tools and manpower to fix stuff while being on the road. If their newer 8kX version is going to be there on time (sweviver said they’d get a new one via mail, after the other 2 got broke during an accident) they may have sent a working version of the MAS as well though. I‘d very much like to hear if the sound is at least okish either, but I‘m sceptical. Even if they send a working MAS I fear that in Gouda the surrounding won‘t be good to really test it as they have been revealed to be off ear speakers, likely and easily compromised through loud areas.


Last year it was in a separate room at the end of a library. Not so much noise there but I guess all depends on the person’s which are there…

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Ok, i will see if this is possible :+1:

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The 8KX won’t make an appearance at Gouda but the Vision Series 8K+ will be there.

For all the samples we have been crafting the special cables by hand and as a result they are very fragile and the cable from the new sample didn’t operate for very long.

The good news is our fully fabbed factory manufactured cables arrive for the first time Tuesday which solve the issues that revolved around the hand made cables. So the next meetings and events will indeed feature the X.


Lol god bless me for not driving 500 KM to Holland again :smile:


Thanks at least for saying this. How disappointed ofcourse I am I cannot try it out.

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But just for my understanding… You flew in a 8K-X and it was DOA? When did you find out??


i like that too know as well,and how much delay we are gonne get on our pimax 8kx preorders…


It wasn’t DOA, the cable did last some time during the test setup. It’s a completely different cable than is used for any of our other headsets so it’s not interchangeable. It’s too bad the fully fabbed cables don’t arrive until Tuesday as the factory version is designed to be very strong.


Hi Kevin will the audio be working on the 8k+ this time . I am keen to hear people’s opinions of the non deluxe version .


Fully factory manufactured cables arrive in just 3 days for testing so all the parts are coming together. As far as delays those can occur if any of the new parts that are being fabbed don’t check out.

Thing is a lot of the parts are iterative so for those parts the odds of passing all the tests are high. Most of the parts have already passed the testing phase including the new panels.

We’ll definitely put out an advisory if one of the parts doesn’t make it through testing but none so far.


So you have 3 8K-X with you on travel now and all 3 cables are RIP?


Yep, the 3 cables all bit the dust. Hand crafting these cables is incredibly tricky and really require
the calibrated fab capability of a cable factory (which is what is arriving in 3 days).

At Gouda we have 4 8K+ and 1 5k+ with the dual-eye tracking unit all setup.


Ok now I got it… Very unlucky…

Have you any plans to do other events in Dec ?

We have a lot of meetings with partners leading up to CES but I’ll have to check and see if any of them are open to the public or if they are where we can invite guests. Blows me away that CES is only 5 weeks away.


Do you know when MRTV will get his unit? I definetly wanna try before buy…

Sebastian says: “Pimax told me they will NOT be able to send me the 8KX this December. Also they could not send me the 8K Plus until end of november, but will do so in December. But WITHOUT the MAS!”