Pimax VR for competitive gaming? Nope



Hi all,

So I recently got my Pimax 5k+ and there are a few main issues stopping me from using it for competitive gaming.

1) The colors are too dull and due to that, i cannot see in shadows (needed for the game I play). My Vive pro MASSIVELY trumps it in colours. I am using the pimax 5k+. is the BE any better?

2) The Vive controllers seem to have ‘jolty’ tracking whilst using the headset…

3) There seems to be a semi-transparent black wall that flickers between the 2 eyes when I play the game.

2 and 3 make playing a bit harder where as 1 just makes the experience literally ‘duller’.

Not sure how many of you have got a vive pro to compare but thats the headset I am adapted to and I switched back to it because of points 1,2 and 3 :slight_smile: . I play VR about 5ish hours a day.



Try adjusting Brightness level. Shadows should be more prominent as with ED folks see the Gas clouds that are invisible on the Vive.


I tried adjusting brightness from ‘high’ to ‘medium’ to ‘low’ and the colors are still very dull unfortunately… I am assuming that OLED might have a little bit of a difference but generally its not good enough with the LCD screens they decided to ship with.


Maybe something wrong with your hmd. Lcd you will get more shadow details as it doesn’t mute them like vive & oculus does. No it won’t be as vibrant due to Oled having infinite contrast (black is black & white is white)


Helio it’s all depends of game title, used color palette , saturation, dx version and so on…
OP do not wrote what is the name of this competitve game. He should check games options, ini files or mods if exist


The difference between the pimax screen and an OLED screen is massive. After playing 20+ hours a week with a vive pro for the last 3-4 months, the difference between it is so big, that the experience feels too flat to justify. I will probably have to find a place to try the BE version of the pimax to decide whether or not I want it.


The difference between OLED and LCD, well is just exactly that - they are totally different technology- but that should not come as a surprise.
I have a Odyssey and had a Dell Visor, and now the 5k+. I find the 5k+ a fairly good LCD but surely it’s not an OLED for all the pros and cons that has. I like the 5k+ in Star Citizen (Vorpx) that looks good, games like Skyrim also look good. I would not opt in to the statement that in general the 5k+ is not a competitive screen but surely it does not match the black levels of an OLED. If that’s what you need I would check out the BE, I think the 3 musketeers might have mad Vids about that one, but I am not sure.
But would love to hear how your experience with that one went once you get your hand on it.


yeah ill be testing out the BE probably but i first need to make sure the other 2 issues I have are resolved otherwise I wont bother.


I have never noticed that semi transparent wall in the games that i play a lot, like Skyrim or PC2, DCS - at least it seems to be rather game/PiTool related? I did check ED shortly but not much.
I cant say much to Tracking - don’t have it yet - but I don’t remember the 3 Musketiers mentioning that it was an issue… so maybe also a bad driver version atm, or other setup problem?


i mean the thing is… every hardware setup is going to have different problems. ‘It works on my machine’ isn’t really going to solve any issues is it :slight_smile: . Generally these problems are happening and I am reporting them to see if others have experienced the same or to let the pimax team know, not get responses saying ‘streamer/reviewer x,y,z never had a problem so it must be perfect’ really now…


My intent was not to play down your issue or distract from it - but just blowing one horn does not help pin point an issue either - imho.
All I am saying is I have had two HMD’s that did not (do not) have the black screen effect and that I have sawn positve reports on the tracking.
That does not imply that your issues are not there or are less relevant - only that they might be due to a “other” subset of HMDs or to this specific HMD and or Software and Hardware compination - which I see as a bit of help (sure not as much as if i could solve your problem) to get a direction in error solving. SO no bad intent on my side and sorry that I cant help solve it more, hope some one else has more luck.
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Check getting started faq there is a tool for checking usb latencies & may help.