Pimax wanting to play an Oculus game?


Hi guys

@xunshu @PIMAX-Support

All of my game librarys are Steamvr based and in the past i was a fan boy of 1.1.92 drivers, but i am settling into the 1.2.95 beta drivers and thought, why not try Oculus games as these drivers should work… heres the issue.

I have an Oculus Home… but it is constantly telling me i dont have a headset or sensors connected, which means I can bypass the warning when i go to download a game, but it refuses to start because

  1. its not finding my headset in pimax mode
  2. its not finding an oculus sensor
  3. i dont have controllers… only keyboard and mouse.

I am trying to use the free game ‘face your fears’ which has had some great reviews.

can anyone who can play Oculus games (and doesnt have controllers) tell me the way to launch the game from Oculus Home Library please?




Use Revive. Just download the latest version, run steamvr, then run revive dashboard if it doesn’t start automatically. In steamvr you should then see the revive menu button, which should show all of your OC games. Face Your Fears is great. Really terrified a friend with that one.

You don’t need to setup the headset in the OC software.


thanks @jonnypanic

i have tried that and i do see in the steam library at the bottom ewhere my VR games are things like Oculus 1st contact, Oculus Video etc… but the Face Your Fears is not in the list? I can see it in the Oculus Home and its installed?


never mind… reboot brought it back :}