Pimax why i cant change 5k+ to 8k



Hi, @PimaxUSA, @xunshu, @Dallas.Hao i want to know why i cant change from 5k+ to 8k.

I tried to change from 5k+ to 8k in 23 December always saying that i wanted to wait and they answered in 26 this

"Hi friend,

Sorry for your inconvenience, we have shipped your 5K+ headset on the way to the warehouse. Please be advised.

Have a nice day!"

So i couldnt change and they send the headset anyway when i always said to wait.

i tried to explain the situation many times but with always the same answer that the 5k+ was on the way to wharehouse. i quit asking and waited for the headset that i dont want.

few weeks pass and sent email in 16 January i had an answer “Sorry for the delay, we will ship your 5K+ headset in the next batch.
Please be patient.”

So i couldnt change because they said that they where sending the headset but in reality they didnt sent nothing .

i waited more and i know with the pimax post that all uk 5k+ were used as replacements.

So why Pimax cant change my headset? please i want 8k and no 5k+. you said that was send in 26 december and almost two months and no headset. i dont mind waiting but want to receive the 8k. you can use my uk 5k+ to another replacement.

Please fix my situation and send me a 8k. I will not accept 5k+ . after all this time and the things that happened its not fair i had to stay with the headset that dont want.


But why did you change your 8k pledge to 5k+ first? This is a philosophical question, but… did you know about karma? :slight_smile:


Because all people were saying the 5k+ was the best, but i changed my mind and want to stay with 8k because of colors and better sde. And supposedly had time because i opted to wait. i only change one time from 8k to 5k+ and next to 8k. i was not back and forward many times. was just one time . its not fair. They should have sent a warning. @PimaxUSA, @Pimax-Support please fix my problem.


Fooled by the Pimax support…


What the hell does Pimax’s poor communication have to do with Karma?


I too picked 5k because it was supposed to be shipped before Christmas. But since i have not received it even after Chinese new year, I’d like to switch back to 8k and wait … wait… wait


Never thought that most of KS backers have that bad karma :wink: ( Karma can also affect a group of people depending on the karma of the majority of the group )

I switched to 5K+ in December, then back to 8K in January and to 5K+ back again after 8K delay news, every time I was receiving confirmation from support but all this time in the KS backer spreadsheet I was listed as receiving 8K, even now.


You made a choice, deal with it


yes i choose to wait and they send it anyway. They should have warned that backers could only change once. its not easy when you have so many people saying that 5k+ is the best and others saying its the 8k. Unfortunately I did not have the chance to try the headsets before deciding…


The customer is offered a change without due reason ,is offered another change with false statments ,the seller is taking your money and choosing what they do with it,who,s choosing for you


A choice to believe that Pimax would follow through on what they were telling everyone?