Pimax with 3drudder


Hello guys. Has anyone tried if 3drudder works with pimax and NOLO vr?
it would be easier to use NOLO in 360 and move around.


this would solve my problem with not enough space for roomscale, has anyone tried them with pimax and nolo?


Hi Guys ! i ve got a 3drudder for few days now. Seems to be great but i can’t use it with our pimax to move in steam vr. I don’t know why… The demo with the dashboard of the 3drudder run on my monitor and not in the pimax.
Maybe our HMD is not supported as an HTC vive, and the unleashed vr mode seems to can’t be activated (this mode can allow to bypass the roomscale limit when you are a seated player).

I ask to 3drudder staff, i hope an answer quite soon…

If someone know something…


Hi again… could you get it to work?


Hi ! until now i Can use it as a controler like a joystick or gamepad.
I discuss with 3drudder team to see why the unleashedvr can’t be activited.

Seen you soon…


Driver4VR has a force vive hmd id setting, I think. Maybe that will help? I am also interested in the 3d rudder.


or this?



I’ve just got my 3Drudder and i’ll try to get it working. I’ve got driver4vr and i’ll try the fakevive tonight.


Hi all ! Glad to see your search. I had a contact with the 3drudder support. They try to help me. As the unleashevr driver seems to not recognise my installation as a compatible one, they Ask me to do a TeamViewer session. If i can, i intend to make it this weekend…

By !


will they help you during the weekend? wow. thats impressing…

well i tried to use both fakevive and driver4vr as @jonnypanic suggested but i couldn’t get it working…

i hope 3drudder will fix unleached mode for nolo and pimax but i’ll continue talkint to greg to see if he can build in some functionality in driver4vr aswell.


Hi All !!

I had a team viewer session with a 3drudder guy. So here are the first steps to do.
Got to https://github.com/3DRudder/3dRudderUnleashedVR/releases, and take the last one : “3dRudder Unleashed VR v1.0.0.8 Hooking”
First close the 3drudder dashboard, as the pimax is no implemented yet for the VR mod.
Extract and Install.
Run the 3dRudderUnleashedVRConfig.
If you see “driver pvr” you are in the right way.
Clic Activate and then Calibrate.
It could run,
But i have not use it in a game at the moment : there is something wrong with the right and left rotation and the view in the pimax. COnsider this as a beta.

So it’s the first step toward the full compatibilty with our HMD. I stay in contact with the support of 3drudder and i will have news next week i hope. For sure we get some…

Its a pity, as the guy told me, that they can’t get a pimax HMD from the company anyway they were ready to send a 3drudder.

So they need ours comment to progress.

Have a nice day !


Pimax could send them one @xunshu…


Hi there. Were you able to have this device fully functioning with the pimax?