Pimax with a laptop


I was hoping to buy a gaming laptop with a gtx 1060 graphics and use in for VR gaming, but as far as I can see from other posts in this forum it can be very difficult to make it work. I have been looking at something like this:

Is there any way of knowing whether it will be possible to make it work with the Pimax 4K?


@sikjar that should do just fine, but for future proofing I would see about a 1070 if possible. the biggest issue with a laptop is the ability to run the NVidia graphics by themselves without something like Optimus switching between the onboard CPU video and the discrete video card. Most high end gaming laptops such as Clevo/Sager have entirely disabled the on CPU video.


Thanks, I will try to check that before buying anything


The other thing to verify is that the hdmi out is connected to the 1060. In the early days a couple of so called vr ready laptops the hdmi was only connected to the intel graphics.

That & the 1070 in terms of mobile gpu would be a better choice as mobile gpus are not as strong as their desktop cousins


Correct, that’s why you should only buy a gaming laptop that has discrete graphics, if the onboard intel graphics is disabled, the discrete has to be connected directly to HDMI. If its switchable you have to be very careful. I had an MSI GT70 and it swapped back and forth, and a number of games it would never even engage the NVidia card, Optimus was a horrible implementation that has basically been abandoned with the newest generation of GTX mobile cards, the 980m and above don’t even support it.


The best gaming laptops are on hp customer support whose price is comparatively low as compared to other brands. Just have a look at the laptops.


Be careful of HP there quality has dropped drastically.

Msi & RoG Laptops are usuallybwhst you see at tech demos.


I also faced the same issue in my Panasonic Laptop due to which I was very stressed because it was hampering my work then I took help from the Panasonic laptop support team and they solved my issue in a very short period of time. Nowadays it is very common to face issues in your laptop because the quality of the laptops is decreasing a lot.


thank you for the information