Pimax with Elite Dangerous - does it change the scale?



Has anyone noticed that the scale is off with Elite Dangerous? Everything seems just a bit bigger. Is it the parrellel projections? When PP is off and I have double vision, I close one eye and it looks right but when PP is enabled, it just kind of seems like a blown up image. I also need a better card than a 1080, it’s barely hanging in there and it’s not looking as crisp as it should.


Scale is bigger on these headsets I’ve noticed that to. Its not just with PP but I’ve noticed it in a lot of games. I think it’s actually closer to real life but this could be subjective.


I’ve also notice eyes are rendering different reflections in ED (this could be the game). When I close one eye, it looks fine but both shows a weird reflection especially when looking at asteroids and startports.


Which headset do you have?

I haven’t tried ED as of yet but your explanation makes sense as these headsets I believe have more vertical FoV.


I have the 5k+. I received it on the 18th. I love it so far except a couple of issues. I have dirt stuck on the inside of the left lens and the black dots are super bad in some games “Beat Saber” “Fisherman’s Tale”. But other games its not even noticeable unless you are looking to find it. This is a big deal in my opinion, I’ve never seen Beat Saber look so bad, at the same time I’ve never seen Skyrim look so good. I feel like I understand why some people prefer some other headsets at times depending on the games. I don’t want to have to do that though. I think Pimax is so close with these headsets they just need to work out the bugs. I think I may also have some light bleed at times the left lens seems to be a little loose and if not seated properly lets in light.


Okay Congrats. I would reccommend submitting a support ticket via link in banner.


Thanks, I already did Supen 1336. It is under review.