Pimax with steamVR and no controller


Hello all,
got my Pimax a few hours ago. I have a few issues.

  1. i have no audio playback devices appearing in windows. I have created another post about it so i won’t ask for help about this here
  2. I have a “small” head and it’s always difficult to find glasses that fits me correctly. I had no problem with gearVR though but with the Pimax, i need to tilt it quite a bit to feel that my eyes are perpendicular to the lenses. I have to tilt it in such a way that i have a gap of appro 0.5-1cm between my cheeks and the bottom of the headset (hope i’m cleae). I also need to lower the headset a bit down my nose. Very uncomfortable. Any one had the same issue? do i have a defective unit? or can this happen ? I can try adding some foam to make it more comfortable but i might return it. I tried the IPD ajustement but t doesn’t help. The bottom of the screen is blurry because i think my eyes are not in the axis of the lenses.
  3. I’m lost on how to navigate in steamVR home. It asks to press the menu button on my controller but i don’t have any controller apart from mouse and keyboard. How is this supposed to work?
  4. I have a bluetooth joystick similar to magicsee. How can i use in steam VR?
    Thanks for your help guys!


Steamvr does require some kind of controller. I don’t know about your bluetooth joystick (if you have bluetooth on pc give it a try.

Following Controllers do work:
-Logitech 710
-Xbox 360/Xb1 controller (wired or with wireless adapter)
-ps3/ps4 controller plugged in or can be setup via bluetooth

Menu button is the “home” button.

In theory if gearvr worked you should be able to use the 4k. Can you take a pic or two of through the lens? What is your ipd?



Thanks Heliosurge,
I forgot i had a PS4 pad somewhere. It’s working now. Thank you.

About the optical problem, here is what i see when i put the headset comfortably on my head. In fact, the effect is much worse. The farther i go from the center to the bottom, the more blurrier the text and image is. The top remains clear.
I’m wearing glasses. Tried with and without. I have approx the same problem.
Again if i tilt the headset a bit the picture is crystal clear.

Not sure if it’s a defective unit. I doubt it. However, i also have the audio problem (no Pimax audio playback in windows), so i might return it.
Thanks again for the help.


Your welcome. I wonder if thicker foam m8ght work all around?

I found this & might be an interesting idea to try on a pair of glasses.


Hi @mehdio, could you please provide your serial number of the helmet and where did you buy the Pimax VR? As per the audio player devices, please check if you unplug the other devices like earphone and make the 4k as the default speaker?Please be advised.


I had the blur problem. First I added padding to the bottom part that covers the cheeks, and it worked. Basically worked the same as tilting. Then I bought a thick foam replacer on ebay. They are cheap. Should also help with your head size, to fill the space a bit.

IPD is still a lottery to get it right. The software is awful, basically. Cannot believe they haven’t fixed it yet, but keep trying. Also, mess around with SS in pimax software and steamvr, to find a good balance of clarity/performance.


Well funny thing is, there is no sticker with the serial number ! There is the black sticker with FCC and CE logo. The serial number should be on the other side, right? I didn’t play with it that much to remove the sticker without noticing.
I bought it on amazon France.
How do you explain the sticker missing? I looked around to see if it was in the box or in my room… couldn’t find it.
There is a sticker on the box With a code bar. Pretty sure it won’t help you but it’s :6 970577 600153

Concerning audio, i have no other peripheral except my speakers connected (no head phones). Uplugging them doesn’t change anything. And for information, the 4k doesn’t appear at all in the available playback devices.


I still have my box so will compare.

However in Piplay settings will have your hmd’s serial number.

The upc (barcode) bot likely. Your serial should start with 100 (4k model) or 102 (BE model)

If you have a sticker on box like this

The barcode on the right is the upc like you posted. The left barcode the number is my serial no. (If your box is like mine)


You may open your “Device Manager” and check whether there is any “?” icon exists? If yes, please try to update or install related driver.

May I ask how many diopters about the glasses you wear? Farsightedness or shortsightedness?

Regarding “SteamVR Home”, you can uncheck the option of “SteamVR Beta” in General setting of SteamVR, and then it will not appear.
Usually as long as the controller is supported by PC, it can be used for some VR games that need Gamepad, e.g. Project Cars.


For audio, i fixed the issue. There was indeed a device with a question mark. Thanks!

For diopter i am at -2.5 and -4.25. Might this explain the problem i have? I have found replacement foam with a lot of volume that might help. Anyone tried HTC vive replacement foam? There are not present around the nose so not sure it will work.

Thanks for the last point for SteamVR.


I believe @jonnypanic has there is even a thread on after market foam.

For the nose area try peal n stick weather stripping.


Yep. I think I bought this one.

It helps a lot, is comfortable, and looks much more snazzy than the original cheap piece of foam.


Thanks Jonnypanic.
Just ordered the foam.