Pimax XR oled screen issue


So I got the XR (or BE) oled version because I play a lot of dark games and want good black levels, but the left eye screen is darker than the right eye screen in the darker color ranges which makes any dark scenes extremely uncomfortable and thus ruining the whole selling point of the OLED version. Anyone else have the same issue? Any way to calibrate brightness/contrast per eye? Really Pimax, it’s unacceptable.


Just got mine too.

Some games that don’t need parallel projection on do seem to put out different shadows in each eye but I didn’t notice on mine a completely different black level so a maybe yours is defective.

Something worth trying is the latest beta pitool from these forums. It has separate eye contrast and brightness levels but it might also fix your issue anyway.

One thing to note though is that to fix oled black smear (when pixels turn from off to on in dark scenes) they have tried a solution of making all pixels slightly grey all the time. It’s horrible and need option to turn it off but try this version anyway to see if it fixes your different eyes.

Also, try putting parallel projection on to see if that fixes it.


Hi Matt, I’ve tried both with and without parallel projection and that doesn’t make a difference, the issue remains across all titles. Thanks for the suggestion about the beta pitool, that does sound like it might help, I’ll give it a try. Regarding the black smear solution, sounds exactly like what Oculus is doing on the Rift…


The Beta will give contrast & brightness options as @Matt_Goodman said; but has been reported by @john2910 & @SweViver the beta doesctge grey effect oculus does to blacks to help prevent black smearing.


Sorry to hear that. I’d try the latest beta just to make sure it’s not just a software bug and if it’s still there, look at getting a replacement.

Although… I’m going to go back myself and try close each eye and see if there’s a difference as maybe I missed it or am not sensitive to that. Will see :slight_smile:


So I tried the beta pitool, and it kind of eased the issue a bit, probably because now there aren’t really any black levels to speak of, more like a LCD-grey, which again defeats the point of an OLED. I’d rather have the blacks with some smearing. Hopefully if they add a control to how much of the black clamping is applied I can find some middle ground where there’s enough black levels but the brightness issue on dark colors remains hidden. The separated brightness/contrast controls per eye was helpful as well.