PIMAX : You have broken the unwritten rules of Kickstarter



The unwritten rules is that you shipped First In, First Out. Show love to all your backers but make sure you take care of those who supported you first.

I am frustrated by the shipping method selected by PIMAX. I want to emphasize the word selected because it was their choice. When I pre-order my Oculus Rift, I was one of the early adopter and I got my HMD early. Today I am sitting here as a 23xx backer waiting because my HMD is in the HK warehouse while backers in my country/province with backer # in the 47xx and 66xx are enjoying theirs. When I called FedEx, I was given the nice explanation that it didn’t make it on the plane before CNY because they didn’t have any room on the plane. That’s the rules of economy shipping, whenever they have room, they add your package. Some might say it is FedEx’s fault but I beg to differ. This is entirely the responsibility of PIMAX. They picked the cheapest option available to them and the end user experience is suffering for it. I am not even going to mention the UK backers are are in the same situation as mine. I bet they are as frustrated as me about the whole situation.

I am not a big YT and I don’t have an big community. I am just a small streamer within a team that stream other VR content from time to time. There was lot of interest within my team to provide them feedback about the Pimax VR HMD. Now that my experience has been delay, I need to move on to the big game of February : Anthem and The Division 2. I was going to do this whole streaming thing about the Pimax HMD but this might have to wait until summer now. It’s a big lost opportunity for PIMAX to get some wanted attention.

Heck, I am not going to get mad for long, I got other things to do. Eventually, i’ll get to to it and I will probably enjoy it. Hopefully, they will be less bug and the product will be even better by that time. I just wish I couldn’t have been part of the process. Oh well…



Totally agree, they screwed us Big time, just hope Samsung or other big company brings a better hmd out soon, I’ve got no loyalties now to Pimax, just like they havnt to us


Us UK backers still getting shafted :frowning: I really want to know who made the decision to use our headsets as replacements and let almost every German backer (i know there are a few in the same boat as us) get their unit.

We should be getting our units next week. If not then what PimaxUSA said is untrue :frowning:


After the type of development process and all those fake updates about being complete and being in mass production and such it just isn’t a surprise that the delivery process has been a mess. LieMax is going around and I can’t fault it as a nickname because they have been caught in so many lies at this point there really hasn’t been any truth coming out.

I am thankful at least we will get headsets but the quality seems mighty iffy with a lot of problems. To add on top of all the issues with the product and the lack of truthfulness we have also some basic organisation incompetence with shipping and tracking packages for 6k backers. Not a lot you can do but wait, but it certainly all adds up to what I think about PiMax as a company.


I thought the unwritten rule of Kickstarter was to tell everyone every thing is fine and then a news story comes out a year and half later that the company went out of business (because they spent all the money on parties) and backers got nothing


The unwritten rule of Kickstarter is that when you back a Chinese tech you’re gonna get shoddy quality in areas nobody expected to be remotely logically explained.


Out of all the mess-ups so far, it’s kind of incredulous that you would choose “didn’t respect backer number” as the hill to make your stand on.


We’ll just wait a bit longer.


When a glass of water is full, it only takes a drop to make a spill.


I fully agree, I am fed up with waiting and with the lies, lack of information,etc… But i am even more worried with the daily reports of broken devices!

Pimax USA already confirmed they used the UK HMDs to replace broken HMDs (This explains some extra delays) but i still see daily report of definitive failure with very recent received headsets…


And yes, it is daily. I received my HMD two weeks ago and immediately experienced the ‘pixel noise’. Also, last night, I found my first crack/chip at a housing seam.

It’s very unfortunate, because (except for the noise) the picture on the HMD is gorgeous. Elite: Dangerous is exactly how I envisioned it would be on the Pimax, but the housing engineering and build quality is absolutely horrible.

In its present condition, I can not recommend the Pimax to anyone. The most favorable advise I can give is to wait.


I paid $70 for shipping from China to Russia. For this price, I can get a guaranteed 5-day expedited shipping from the US. I’m really curious, which shipping method Pimax will choose.


Did you pledge for full package or headset only?


Full package, but the usual price for 0-4 kg AliExpress shipping from China to Russia is $0 (Zero), even for expedited shipping “to the door”.
I can imagine the price about $15 with Russian Post (the worst one) or $30-40 for the fast 3-5 days shipping with courier services, but $70 for month of waiting… eeh


But it may come with in many shipments, HMD first then maybe the controllers etc.




In BUUUUUUUUUULK <<<<<<<<<<<<<


how are you so patient? you’re always so calm and collected while most of us (who are still waiting to get it) here are getting angrier by the day…i mean, it’s a complement. I wish i had your patience, but…HOW???


He has thought it through. Getting angry and crying about it actually only fuels the anger and makes it worse. I’m still working on it… still get angry sometimes.

edit: rum helps