PIMAX : You have broken the unwritten rules of Kickstarter



At least they are consistent in their arbitrariness :sunglasses:


I don’t see how this can be avoided with shipping thousands of units internationally all at once. Some people are going to end up getting different order due to the realities of shipping to different warehouses in different countries. Maybe with a smaller Kickstarter with a less expensive and less complicated product it can be easy to get everything in the original order, but it seems pointless to delay shipping on some units just to make sure the original order is maintained.


I just don’t care if someone with a later pledge get the HMD before I get mine… I m just thrilled to get the best HMD there is…soon!:sweat_smile:


Yeah as @Dr_Qrunch says rageing doesn’t help, though I’ve had my moments of madness as well.

Indeed, anything with alcohol :beers:


Lol, the fact that they’re actually shipping a product means that it’s one of the most successful Kickstarters of all time. Kickstarter is always a gamble, just be thankful it paid off this time.


I’ve been pretty quiet and patient for the last However long it’s been we’ve had to wait, but the fact that I could now buy one on eBay and have it here before my kickstarter backer unit arrives is just shitting me off somwhat. @PimaxVR @xunshu @Matthew.Xu take note. U guys have really pissed a lot of people off with this shit to the point where even the most patient people are furious.
February!!! Was supposed to be done by December. Really dissatisfied with your shitty efforts


I understand, but keep in mind the situation could be far worse.

I’m also waiting impatiently. I take solace in the fact that by the time I get mine, many of the early issues will have been identified and fixed.

Even if all the headsets were shipped on the same day, due to the vagaries of shipping, some were bound to be received sooner and quickly appear on eBay. That’s just the way it is.

Many Kickstarters fail. My biggest fear was that (if I got a headset at all), it would be of poor quality.

Pimax has many problems (mostly involving communication), but at least they appear to be shipping a reasonably decent headset, are improving their software, and are replacing defective units.


Theres some dude on here talking about how his psvr is giving a better experiance than his 5k+? long time to wait just to hear that




I know man,
Just needed to have a rant


not nice when we dont even know if its true, it reminds me when mrtv kept showing screen shots of 5k+ and vive pro but vive pro would always be blurred out to make 5k look better ,truth may be diffrent tho truths come cheap around here


Pimax looks shit compared to the others


Well if you compare LCD to OLED… sure


I think the problem with this video is that it highlights the less bright screen and poorer colour contrast but can’t really show and of the things where the 5k+ excels, such as FOV.

Having said that the image with the grey lines looks best of the pimax (because it doesn’t have different colours.

Hopefully a colour/contrast tuner in PITool would help.

Another thing I’ve noticed from all the videos I’ve seen is that if you get zoom in on the pimax screen (5k+) the text looks terrible compared to other headsets such as the 8k but actually when your using it (according to everyone) the text is one of the best things about the 5k+ due to the pixel pattern - when not so zoomed in this is better in most cases (including in this video). This makes me think that some of these through the lens videos don’t give a real representation of that the user actually sees/feels.


Exactly, same as with people’s skin. It can look perfectly smooth but oh boy when you put a magnifier glass to it, you’re in for a surprise!



Im sure my perfect skin doesn’t look like that no matter how much you zoom. :baby:


my point is this ,and comming from the testers that had the biggest voice at the time
nobody would put a video out, just these sort of screen shots that only have the 5k shinning that clearly by video or real time is not true by others

screen shots are usless and plyable


but there might be some favor into one direction for other reasons like technical equipment you use for taking the pictures
just because mrtv had a louder voice does not say he is right, is more like none of the testers is entirely right and having a good look on all 3 evaluations will give you answers, also different points of view whats important so mixing, comparing with own values about whats important (if I would have to choose one about how good evaluation and opinion was then its sweviver)
it pretty clear to understand that a camera can not catch the same as the eye, especially in the case of a vr hmd where the position is so important and there is also the problem a lot of auto correction in modern cameras and mobile phones, not giving the picture as expecting when looking just with your eye’s, often a shot only giving away just one aspect (like sde) and if people don’t read careful and rip of pictures ignoring the context it ends up in a terrible mess

and about sharpnes on vive pro, it has the same lenses as normal vive and after modding my vive (not pro) with the gear vr lenses its so much sharper and vive pro users where saying the same after modding, so it not unreasonable to say vive pro does not have a clear/sharp picture, if that is transported in lens shots depends strongly of the camera and how the shot was taken


its simply no excuse to use such limited assists to have people over expect, clarity is from the lens swap in the vive ? comparible how 5k - 8k


i only had a very short time with 5k+ and 8k at the Gouda meet up but i’d say the 5k+/8k difference is smaler then the what you get with the gear vr mod on the vive, the huge negative trade off is that you also see the SDE much stronger with the sharpness (good point depending on the games is also no god rays), beside SDE the biggest problem was to get the distortion profile right, if the pre made do not work for you then its a steep road to get it right, imho in most cases where people changed back it was about distortion profile not being good enough

from my point of view its like sweviver stated, 5k+/8k are very close and only if you have a strong preference in a point where they differ than it might be important what you choose, most people (2/3 ?) can be happy with both units (the oled 5k BE edition seems to be a completely different case, huge difference in SDE and color)

edit: also to mention that the black dots in red areas where mentioned very early by sweviver and he warned about it to be (for him) very annoying, so people complaining about the dots as “new” have not made there homework properly and did not made a informed choice