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There was defanatly to strong a feeling put on the 5k+ that simply didnt add up at some point ,not sure why clarity is diffrent both use the same lens right.
as for picture quality pretty sure it was worked out that with ss the 5k would only ever max a 5k image but the 8k has the potential to acheve 6.5k image ,ahh swings and roundabouts now ,honestly the pimax experiance is sour for a while now ,hope that changes one day ,one day


the macro lens shots suggested that display layout (diagonal) and scaler (working hor/ver) massing around and the result is not as good as expected

imho its more to expect to come around with a different 8k display/panel and/or a different bridge chip with integrated scaler, with the “old” fixed scaler there might be no way to feed more res to the panels (using lower refresh rate and higher res. to keep within the DP hardware bandwidth range), more res. might never be a thing without a newer DP standard, btw. lowering refresh can already be tested with the new 64Hz mode (terrible for the eye’s)
also it was newer stated by pimax what was limiting the refresh rate to 82Hz, if it was the scaler it might also limit a the possible resolution improvement

for me that was the main point for changing to 5k+, not likely/easy to feed more res. to the 8k. panles with lower refresh and the poor result from the combo of scaler and panel (more “usable” detail seen in the macro shots of the 5k+ compared with the 8k, the letters just had more/better details in the 5k+)

my bet about the future of the 8k is pimax using a oled panel and newer anx chip (integrated scaler) with a new version (that might be named 8k+ or 8k+ BE?) to be released late in 2019 or begin 2020, but that’s pure speculation and also depends on the other players on the market (imho 8kx with its high res. will not be a thing without a much better gpu expected for 2020 and 2x DP is also not very desirable, might be pushed back further when a new DP/Virtial Link standard comes up)


Human skin has a stratified squamous epithelium. That is, flat cells squashed on top of one another. Nothing like the microscope picture shows at all.
So people think the zoomed image isn’t representative of the macro image, but it’s far worse than that. Often the internet isn’t even the image it claims to be. Yet somehow people still manage to put weight in what they see.


imho you cant do much about it as the problem is between scaler and panel
even if you type letters in a 45° angle in VR i dont expect it to be so different at all, also thats just a fun fact in the end the panel is mounted in the hmd as it s now

in the end (with the naked eye) the difference between text on 5k+ and 8k is not as big as it seems in the macro shot
i did not see much difference (cockpit) when using assetto corsa in Gouda
for me it was more about estimating the (maybe still unused) potential of the 8k and i did not see it, more like it could make it up to the 5k+ and thats not what i expected from the 8k, so 5k+ and putting the 100$ into a potential wireless solution was my bet (i already have a tpcast and i’m sure i will miss that)


that zoomed picture looks much more like that of a cat’s tongue, especially when you see the hair in that picture what give you a good scale (also the color indicates it not a electron microscope picture)

edit: look that familiar?
edit2: in that link you will find the exact same picture used above in the correct context





You don’t need a microscope for that. Pretty incredible creatures.


I love how people took the images for real. Everyone has seen a close up of skin before so I decided to make a joke of it.

But the statement holds up, a close up is kinda useless when you never get to see it that way anyway.


depends of whats the purpose, for me it was about seeing if the 8k can hold up to the expectations with its higher pixel count, on the naked eye there was nothing better with the 8k, even the sde was just only kind of different
in the macro shots you could see that there was a problem, the letters showed a clear disadvantage for the 8k so no hidden potential and oversampling to a insane amount does not help, no advantage from the better res. of the panel and no massive advantage in sde
so seeing the macros does helped (me) even when unable to see it with the eye

btw. same goes in science, when you see the microscopic shots of a geckos food or of the lotus (as in lotus effect) it will help you to understand how its working
science made leaps because of using microsocpes that’s fact and making even better ones (up to the LHC, if you want to see it as kind of such a thing) will give better understanding of the nature of things


I agree to those cases but in general the real-world experience is the only thing that needs to be compared, the rest might help in understanding things but as we’ve seen, it has the risk of people concluding the wrong things out of it