Pimax, you have to provide headstrap asap!




Well, everything is in the title. Confort of the pimax is really bad and it makes this HMD not being able to compete with Index or Reverb.
Q4 is ridiculous. There is no technical challenge to produce the headstrap.
Plus, you really need to give something to backers to keep them interested and promoting the Pimax.
Please review your plan and provide good news to us.


Yeah I do agree that the headstrap should be a priority, as right now the headset requires modding with the deluxe audio strap to be comfortable.


One can always dream… But reality is different


Which is also suspected of causing the problem to the housing that is made of poor plastic.


I have 4 cracks and no DAS.


I agree. Using the headstrap now from my old 4K, much better than from the 5k/8k.


I want my stretchgoals
Even the extra facefoam(better one) is a no brainer to produce right ?


I think that’s just a hypothesis based on overtightening.


I must admit that, even if the deluxe headstrap is probably not so simple to design and most of all, produce in mass, the thicker facefoam should be a no brainer to cope with the horrible comfort that the headset provides by default.


mine cracked within a week of arrival, 1 month before I picked up the DAS for comfort over the OG strap.


I tossed Pimax’s face foam the second I tried it on for the first time. Headset was completely unusable. I have been using a thicker foam from my Vive. This should definitely be high on the list. The only reason for them not shipping seems to be to save money on shipping costs by shipping everything at once but considering the fact that most of the accessories we are waiting on are probably months and months away its unacceptable that we are being made to wait when there are accessories that SHOULD be available right now.


Agree need a improved headstrap asap. Have had it for a while and modded it to make it acceptable. Hard to impress others though or show it off that its awesome if it’s all rigged up to get it to work. Just hard to use if its highly uncomfortable/hard to correctly focus. Really hope this jumps to top of list makes long term play/sharing difficult.


Also have 4 cracks and no DAS


Totally agree. I’m not sure how anyone who hasn’t modified the headset would ever use it in its current state. Around just 20 mins of getting my Pimax setup the only conclusion I came to was “well this was a giant waste of money” because it was so ridiculously uncomfortable it made it unusable. It’s only a week later when I was able to mod it with the DAS it became a remotely enjoyable experience. They’d honestly be better shipping it without the velcro straps at this point as there’s literally no point to them, it’s not even a temporary solution it’s that uncomfortable. It’s like having a new lambo and shipping it with square, wooden wheels.


I still have the head strap and the wall adapter box unopened


I caved in brought a Vive DAS my original strap is falling apart and as a glasses user,I at times felt like a torture victim in the Spanish inquisition.:roll_eyes:

And now with a bit of jiggery pokery lots of velcro a belt buckle and some 3D printed parts (5 Quid) 2 old medical wrist straps new facepad (10 Quid) using the headset is like night and day a damn near perfect option.

Pimax need to get this sorted the original strap might disuade people usually short sighted glasses wearers like me, and those that think all Chinese products are a bit janky and sub par which is in this present day not the case.

The backers should have this as priority and is my major gripe with the company.Release a world beating HMD then provide a strap that looks like it could have been found in a bargain bin at my local charity shop !

Suffice to say ordered and waiting for the the Apache mod from NZ (26 quid),but so far my jerry rigged Franken Pimax is coping swimmingly,by the the time Pimax get their arses into gear and deliver a new DAS most users won’t even use it as most will have the Vive DAS all pimped up instead.:sunglasses:

Got my DAS for a 120 quid on a 10 pound a month Pay Pal no interest paid option from Scan computers UK well worth the extra expense as well.


Interesting, I find it quite acceptable.

I still use the original (14mm in my case) foam and the original strap. The only mod I did was to attach a counterweight to the back of the strap. It is quite comfortable (if a little warm). I have worn it up to 5+ hours (continuous, no break).



Glad you are Ok with the torture strap,but are you a small glasses user or 20/20 vision ?

The problem I have is my specialist glasses are a bit big,my smaller pair did feel better but were an older prescription and a bit on the knackered side,and these buggers are not that old,besides the vision I had a hell of a time getting the original strap to fit on my head which is a bit on the small side,and it falling apart does not help either.


I’m nearsighted. I tried wearing my small-framed reading glasses inside my 8K: They fit, but were uncomfortable. (The glassed were firmly pressed into my nose.) I see well enough inside the headset, so I don’t wear the glasses anymore.

My head is large, so perhaps that’s part of the reason it fits so well. The Pimax is quite large (wide).


Which facepad did you go with? If I could just move the whole thing 1cm further away from my face, it’d be perfect.