Pimax4K and NOLO VR users. some thoughts



i’ve got me a NoloVR, and for a while now it works fairly well…

i’ve just posted a message on their forum though about my controllers timing out all time. hmm. has anyone here got that problem BTW? anyway.

I have a limited standingspace to play at and i’m wondering if its possible to move about in VR but not actually moving IRL… like a combined movement. i’d like to play some roomscale but i dont have the room for it so to speak.


Hi, can you let me know more details about this issue?


sure @Pimax-Support. Whenever i’m using my NoloVR after a little while one or both of the controllers shut down. i have to push the on button to start them up again, this repeats all the time… i don’t know the exact frequency but it is below 10 minutes.


For your limited space try this

You can move your playing space in game :wink:


Nice…I already have that installed. Didn’t know I could use a joystick to do the adjustments while I was playing. Thanks @mr.uu i’ll try that next time I can use my headset.
I have a 3dconnexion spacepilot that will be perfect.


Hi, have you fully charged the controllers before this issue happened? What’s the color of LED light on the controllers and the connection of Piplay interface and SteamVR interface when it happened? Thanks :slight_smile:


they are fully charged green leds and piplay says 100%

basestation usually drops to 50% pretty fast though

they just turn off no warning… gets stuck in vr… i press power they buzz and they’r back
sometimes both turn off at the same time sometimes they alternate… it feels like there is som sort of timeout


i couldn’t find any way to use a joystick to move my view in openvr advanced settings
are you sure you can do that with this software?


Did you read the description at the link i sent you?

It is not possible to move via joystick, but when you are inside the options there are sliders to move.
You can configure a joystick to move playerheight, thought.

Send the programmer a message that you would like to have that feature (like moving foreward on buttonpress). Maybe he will add it.

But why doń‘t you play standing? Then the games adjust and you won‘t need this hack. Have you tried?


Of course i read the link @mr.uu i already have that installed.
when you brought that up i thought I had missed a feature.
My playarea is not big enough to move around so I can’t play roomscale. Standing is ok though.

I left a suggestion for it on github.

I have driver4vr as well so i’ll check with them too.