Pimax4k HDMI hack, mod?


But brsinwarp might make it even better. :wink:


Yes I can understand that, but if I didn’t already have a 4K and I believed the Pimax adds about the 5K/8K coming soon, I wouldn’t buy a 4k now.

Also, why in the world haven’t they released hand controllers and tracking for the 4K? They would sell like hot cakes (well I would buy one).
Nothing else I’ve tried has worked well enough to be really keep using.

So what is the latest on the 5K/8K release date?

Cheers all.


Looks like backer headsets start shipping end of the month


That sounds promising. Will they include hand controllers and tracking of some sort?
Can’t wait to read user responses.
I certainly hope they live up to expectations because Pimax 5k/8K is still the best show in town. :checkered_flag:


Check out the vid reviews in that thread. Seems reasonably good experience. Main complaint is tge black level, but brightness adjustment not implemented as of yet.

Controllers & lighthouses & other accessories will be hopefully out b4 the end if the year or early 2019.

Good news it looks like glasses will fit. The one fellow at the meet had a fairly large set (assuming he wore them).

Pimax should consider selling tge cloth strap seperately as it’s improved over the original 4k.

I order both an 8k & 5k full package. So will be able to direct compare.


Yes I just listened to the Robin Pimax CEO interview and if I understood correctly it looks like hand controllers and tracking solutions will begin to ship to backers around Feb 2019.
Not too long now.