Pimax4k & nolo problems


Awesome will need to dig up & dust off the p4k. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


my Pimax 4k display is turning off when i connect nolo to USB
what i do wrong?

  1. Complete uninstall all. Delete all nolo steam steamvr pimax directories which i can find.
  2. Install Pitool 1.0.121 BETA FW 211 and run it
  3. I see in Pimax pretty planet with yellow moon
  4. Connect paired nolo to usb
  5. I see in Pimax that pretty planet slowly shut down (2 seconds). Screen becomes black.
  6. In pitool i see that controllers and base station becomes blue. But still “not tracked”. Room setup in pitool can’t pass because HMD and controllers “not tracked”.
  7. Install Steam and SteamVr - it can’t find hmd. Without nolo it can.

Nolo home didn’t install because noloserver exist in pitool.

What do you mean “work like a charm”? Write please step-by-step how you setup that.

Maybe i have some hidden garbage in my system? how to completely remove all related stuff?


my frient the last pitool if you use that can see you base station only if is connected with usb cable and your pc for me that resolve the problem for now but but pimax need to fix this isue because i cant use my base station wireless i have all the time the cable on it maybe that damag my baterry1 day is important bug for ffix if you connect your base station with usb on pc pitool work and can see the nolo after that somthing is wronk on pitool the right way is pitool see as first device the headmarker and if you open the base station pop up on pitool but for now with the latest pitool base station recronized as first device and need cable sory for my very bad english i realy try help i hope you understant me


Thank you! I understand. Do you update firmware of nolo? With 1.9.20 nolo home?
I download latest nolo home 1.11.13. Run firmware updater. It stuck on the first step “connect base station with usb cable”. I tried 3 best LG cables 20awg, they work well with smartphone, but updater is not.

Do you run nolo home when run pitool? Or pitool solely?

I try pitool solely after clean install. Headmarker connected to USB, base station is not, just turned on and vibrate. It see all nolo stuff - all is blue, but with “not tracked” warning. I didn’d update firmware yet. If you disconnect base station from usb, you have all the same? Or pitool don’t see nolo at all?


i try to install nolo home 1.9.20. run nolo_update, but still stuck with

why it can be? I try different cables.


you need to keep the pair button hold this 1 before power on and hold this 2 buttons your nolo base make the update after that same for other device headmarker and controlers if not start auto my frient


I think i found fix for your wired base station problem. This problem occurs when you connect base station to PC with usual USB cable. If you don’t - then base station can work wireless and headmarker remains main. To fix it :
1 unplug pimax and all nolo stuff from usb,
2 go to device manager, delete all unplugged HID devices (marked gray when show hidden devices flag set) -

3 connect nolo headmarker and pimax to usb. Don’t connect nolo base station via usual USB cable. Charge it from adapter or use 3xmicroUsb charging cable.

I install latest nolo home 1.11.14 and update firmware. then i can walk on pretty planet - all working. But steamvr can’t start. Then i make clean install of steamvr nolo and pitool - now i can’t walk pretty planet. Looks like i make some error during installation. I will try again.