Pimax8K M1 showing at E3 next week?


I just received a news alert to this press release:

Do I understand this correctly that CaptoGlove will actually show the M1 at E3?

If so and even if it’s a non public showcase this would seriously undermine any NDA efforts with regard to the current beta testing phase.

@xunshu can you please clear this up? Thank you!

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𝒲𝒽𝒶𝓉 𝒜𝓇𝑒 𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝒟𝒾𝓂𝑒𝓃𝓈𝒾𝑜𝓃𝓈 𝒪𝒻 𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝐿𝑒𝓃𝓈?

huh. This whole thing gets wilder and wilder. that certainly does look like they will be demoing with an m1 from my reading of it.

‘Demonstrations of CaptoGlove® interactions with the newest Pimax 8K M1 Headset featuring its market leading 200 degree field of vision (FOV), a 4K per eye clear view and minimized screen door effect, interacted with CaptoGlove®. The headset creates the most graphically advanced VR experience to date and brings a much more immersive natural and interactive experience. What a truly amazing EXPERIENCE!’

And yes unless they plan to make everyone who tries it take an nda that kind of blows the nda out of the water. i’m guessing this means nda will be lifted before then.


The most flexible NDA I’ve ever seen. And the most open closed beta. It’s heading for whe Guinness World Records.

It’s clear that advertising is much more important than anything else in this “closed” beta.


The glove looks pretty cool though.


The form of the demo session not confirmed yet.


One thing you can take from this is they are using an 8K to demo DCS on their latest glove. They wouldn’t do that if there were reams and reams of issues with the 8K. This is actually quite promising isn’t it? Or am I making a wild assumption?


I think the 8k is probably in really good shape. I think recent statements were phrased in a way that was blowing niggling things that were found out of proportion. when one tester is dropping little comments here and there that indicate a high level of satisfaction its hard to put serious weight on another testers comments that indicate a showstopper of a problem. Im currently putting latter down to poor language choices in a live stream environment.


excited that there will be a public demo. keep up the great work.


Nda for testers but showing it publicly at e3? That’s weird


BTW e3 is NOW so not next week. 12 till 14 June. If they’re showing it today at e3 we might hear something


Sweviver and MRTV have LeapMotion units. Maybe M1 at E3 dont, because of Captoglove?
I am not sure what to make of it. Or do Captogloves still need LeapMotion? Weird, no?


Yeah I stumbled across that as well. Seems like the press release went out too late.

In any event, any showing in any form at E3 makes keeping up the NDA for the beta testers somewhat useless imho.

Not wanting to start a new speculation thread here at all btw! Yet if Pimax are already supplying tech partners with M1s for their own showcases I have to say that as a backer I feel somewhat shafted (again) regarding the flow of information.

But it might be just as well that this press release is complete BS and was set up before the current M1 testing timeframe was set in place. @xunshu‘s reply however doesn’t seem to deny a showing at E3 though, just the form in which it would take place.

Honestly, this whole pre roll-out phase is flabbergasting to me…


shot upload vr a tweet, maybe if anyone has boots on the ground at e3 they can check it out.


Yet if Pimax are already supplying tech partners with M1s for their own showcases

This would make sense since it was asked in the 7/6/18 update how manu units they made of m1 and they said:


We will strictly keep the NDA. The form of the demo not confirmed. Please regard the press release as an announcement of the new collaboration.


Good to hear. I will follow the E3 very closely in the coming days anyway.


Hopefully the M1 is already enough issues free and Pimax comment that it’s only a prototype; but, if it’s true that Sebastian and Martin have reported or are going to report many issues with the M1, I hope that all these issues are very small or I don’t know if it’s very convenient to show it at fairs. I still remember the bad image that was given at CES.


So do we all, I think.

What controllers do you think will go nice with the pimax 8K:

  1. Pimax controllers
  2. Leap Motion
  3. Captoglove


i honestly think the pimax controllers have the best of all worlds.


Leap Motion kinda competes with Captoglove though? O.o The glove can also give sensory feedback from what I have read, that and presumably room scale tracking so it would be a big upgrade over leap motion.

I guess it is having the different upgrades or sidegrades that make it interesting.