Pimax8K M1 showing at E3 next week?


E3 starts today so I hope that will be cleared rather soon… :wink:

Well, if the M1 is demo‘ed to the public, we will hear it through other sources, so it would be wise of Pimax to inform the backers here about that in time before we have to read it from people reporting that they had the M1 in their hands and tried it. Again this communication thing, you know.
It would not necessarily mean that the NDA for the testers needs to be lifted, because they are doing tests on a much deeper level.


If I had tried all that, I would know what to tell you.


Yeah, the “prototype” would lead you to presume an M2 is in the works, that and the tester feedback they have had so far. This far down the path they have a lot of experience, funding, interest etc. If there is an M2 I would expect the development would be somewhat accelerated compared to V5 -> M1 though.

Imo the last 10% of any development equals the previous 90%.

Back on topic, those gloves are a step closer to this:


I just noticed that the captogloves (set of 2) are 500 US dollars
And that is without the 200 dollar captosensor

Leap Motion will come standard on 8K?

/edit: link to gloveshop: https://www.captoglove.com/shop/


no its an additional module.


a $100 additional pledge I think


Folks something to consider. A Demo is controlled & what @xunshu said still makes alot of sense.

Demo could take many Forms ie.
-Video demoing both items in use
-Demonstration shown to public (no direct trial) public sees associate & sees what he or she sees on a big screen.


Was Kickstarter backer price.


Now if folks recall @MarcoBalletta demoed these gloves for us in the Forums.

Here is the link to his Topic

He would be an excellent source for anything you want to know on this. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Thats some great insight by @MarcoBalletta. He did great work. Still. If Leap Motion can add on to the great experience of Captoglove, it will be a pricy set of items.


Those are some really great news and I would expect that to be very awesome for DCS to have CaptaGlove and 8k „support“ so you can really use to cockpit the way its meant to be. I think it’s awesome that the 8k is already in the state to show off like that , I don’t see why people get so disturbed when we have to chance to see the product - it should be more positive reactions and it would be refreshing if there where not always so much freaking paranoid reactions all the time to about everything - look on the bright side of life!


So do we all get it…?


im pretty sure we dont . no reason to think we do.


Pretty good reason to think it will be tested by anyone there, so…


Cause I literally bought one yesterday lol. If we’re all getting I’ll have to cancel it quick, @xunshu we’re not going to get leap motions with our pimaxes right?


wait what did you buy? a regular leap motion? a pimax one? no we are definitely not getting a free leapmotion according to the terms of the kickstarter.

we get some cushions, eye tracking, fans , glasses inserts, audio strap and a 100 dollar coupon for wireless.


Correct me if I am wrong but the hand tracking module shown in the recent videostreams looks like it has a bespoke design. Or maybe that was the inside-out tracking?


Those who pledged for it during the kickstarter will get it. Those who did not will not as it was an extra 50-100 or something USD.


It was an option too buy in


That was a hand tracking module see hand motion at: