Pimax8K M1 showing at E3 next week?


Marco bought it himself so no not coming with the 5k/8k headsets. As for the hand modul? You would have needed to pledge tge xtra $100 as i did. :blush:


So that is a Leap Motion (Edit) inside an angular Pimax case?


i believe its a little more than that i think it might have a wider fov that a gen one magic leap. cant remember where i read it mind you.


Try the gloves yes. But doesn’t necessarily mean try the gloves with the pimax headset. :v::wink::+1::sparkles:


How crafty an answer… :stuck_out_tongue:


What exactly is the practical difference between the hand tracking module and a Leapmotion?


Leap Motion is the company that makes it.


I can’t explain, you have to read for yourself. Below is a link Heliosurge gave on this thread earlier. Marco did a very good job on it.

Captoglove features: https://www.captoglove.com/features/
Leap Motion: https://www.leapmotion.com/

@MarcoBalletta his research: Captoglove , my latest vr gadget :)


The fact that they want to use an 8K is positive news to me. I deduct that the 8K is in shape to be shown around presenting their newest best product. Good stuff.


i bought this https://store-world.leapmotion.com/products/universal-vr-developer-bundle


ohh, is there a way for me to check if i pledged for that or not…?


@George has provided a couple of links.

But if you want a key difference look to the e3 video a few posts up. The captogloves have haptics being demoed.


Pimax’s modular concept will be attractive to 3rdparty developers as it makes adoption potenially easier via their sdk/hdk.


Not sure. @xunshu would likely be able to check. Memory serves would have been in the survey.


unless you ordered it as an extra you wont get it. if you only remember ordering a standard pledge you wont get it.


I get that the gloves have haptic feedback/etc, but looks like the basic Leapmotion is the same thing as the handtracking module I pledged for.


Ah…ok…that makes more sense. Thanks!


If you paid 100$ above the pledge, you likely ordered it. But watch out, they had other optional items, e.g. the extension cable, and you would have to remember what you pledged above the nominal amount of the formally chosen KS pledge, and what you then said in the survey.


I have the leap motion but probably the old model (not sure).

I was able to use it this way to use hands as vive controllers, instead of the vive controllers, but the problem was the field of view of the leap motion being very narrow.

I was able use my hands just when in the range of the leap. U would lose the controller at the moment they were going off field. It was not really practical because the vive controllers are tracked by the vive base stations and hence they have a much wider range of use compared to your hands in leap motion.

The captogloves instead (when they will be fully implemented in vr) , i think, that they would be able to be tracked as the vive controllers, because of their captosensor in it.

Also, the original firmware of tpcast, I think, does not allow the leap motion to be wify/ wireless. So u would have a leap motion cable anchoring u to your pc.

Maybe the firmware made by a third party for tpcast, fixes the use of the leap motion wifi with tpcast. I did not try it

I also backed these gloves


that have their own sensor to mount on the headset and it would track the gloves for a big range

Do u guys know if the new version of the leap motion has a much bigger field of view/range?


It is according to leap motion a better with ~180 deg fov: