Pimax8K M1 showing at E3 next week?


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but, if it’s true that Sebastian and Martin have reported or are going to report many issues with the M1,

Where does this come from? Seriously? What are you referring too? I have not heard about these ‘rumors’. Just where have you heard them? Or, are you just making stuff up? Where has it been stated they have or are going to have many issues to report?


The rumors where from a person drinking beer during a livestream so take those with a grain of salt. Please do not continue this discussion as it resulted in a very heated discussion.


To paraphrase: “Long list of feedback, good or bad” People interpret it in different ways.


So probably better than the one I have because definitely is not 180 for mine.
Still smaller fov compared to gloves with their own tracking system in them. So I guess it all depends if we are picky or not about it


I also have the original leap motion, and indeed tracking is limited to your 110 degrees in front of your headset (where you mount the leap motion) the tracking itself was very impressive.

The demos put out by Leap motion that show how to use the hands and fingers is also extremely immersive. I actually used this system first and only months later tried the Vive wands for the first time. That’s seriously taking some steps back.

So buyers beware, just as with 200 fov, you won’t like your other systems anymore after using it :wink:


Been searching for information on this, all I can find is a statement from their FAQ:

Is Haptic Feedback supported? (The sensation of touching something)

A somatosensory kit for CaptoGlove is currently under development. This module has been presented at E3 2018. It is compatible with existing CaptoGlove. Comercialization is foreseen Q4 2018.

Any details on the type of feedback they are using?


As Sebastian says in his vídeo that there are a lot of feedback of things that Pimax has to fix (or adress), there are errors or sometype of problems. Bad. There isn’t much room to misinterpret it.


he said a lot of feedbacks not errors, even if feedback means issues it might be related with software or maybe they dont know how to setup piplay seeting with steam vr, there is a lot of stuff that his word can means. My guess is that hardware is OK but they have a lot of games not validated by pimax, main titiles like racing sims , flight sims , ED and whatever they shown before in Pimax YT # works ok.

My glass of polish vodka is falf full this time :wink:


Feedback that he “don’t know how long Pimax might need to address those things but i wouldn’t be too hopeful”, so errors or some kind of problems. Some could be due to a bad configuration? Could be.


no Sir he didnt use word “fix” but "adress his findings’


Fix, address …it’s the same. I’m not going to look at those fifteen minutes of video again to transcribe each exact word, I’m sure it’s written in this forum several times.

Ok, only these exact words:
“I don’t know how long Pimax might need to address those things but i wouldn’t be too hopeful”.
“No sé por cuánto tiempo Pimax podría necesitar abordar esas cosas, pero no sería muy esperanzador”



Simple Truth. Its best not to speculate & simply wait until the results of the closed beta is available.

The simple truth.

“We will know when we do & not before.”

Much like in The BigBang TV show when Sheldon loaned Penny money.

Penny “Thankyou! I will pay you back as soon as I can.”

Sheldon “Of course you will. It’s impossible for you to pay me, before you can.”


Yes, we will know when we do.


Well, I’m going to have to agree with Cdaked on this one. Even if Sebastian said “address his findings”, it means there are issues to be resolved, whether that means hardware, software or both. If the M1 8K were perfect in every way, he wouldn’t have found anything to be addressed.

Personally, I’m still glad Pimax is doing this. They could have just as easily pushed the M1 revision out the door and said, “Here it is! We’re done working on it. Deal with it.”. I’m willing to wait for M2, M3 or whatever iteration until the bugs are worked out. I just hope the list has been whittled down from the V5 and what’s left to change consists of minor adjustments. But if not, hopefully Pimax can continue improving it to the point that it’s ready for retail release.


“If you’re wondering, are we like starstruck, do we have like those glasses that make us see everything like everything is awesome, don’t worry, don’t worry. If you really worry that we just gonna wave everything through, no. No, we have lots of feedback, we have lots of lots of feedback for Pimax, and I know that Martin has already send like a huge catalog to them, and you know what I didn’t do that because I still am writing that, that feedback that I have. So there’s lots of feedback. So if you’re hoping that we’re simply going to wave it through, I am very sorry, not going to happen, and I don’t know how long Pimax might need to address those things but, I wouldn’t be too hopeful”

There it is in full context. he’s saying that people shouldn’t be too “hopeful” that he’s just going to wave everything through. He doesn’t know how long Pimax will take to digest the feedback, that’s what I get from it.


Why are we here again. The man said things he shouldn’t have… he got called out. We cannot change the past why are we still yammering on about it. I voiced my disappointment quite clearly in the original thread about it… but now … I am starting to feel sorry for the guy. No matter what we will be waiting for testing to be over so please lets discuss something else. He is silent now… what more do you want


I simply respond to those who told me where I got that from, or if I invented it.


Ok, this is the full context. But “how long Pimax will take to digest the feedback” I don`t think it’s digest at all.



It originally was about the ‘maybe’ of coop on E3 of Pimax 8K in combination of Captoglove: https://www.captoglove.com/
Please. Just please keep it at that.