Pimax8K M1 showing at E3 next week?


Those combined with Vive trackers or controllers… the best vr interaction I have seen yet !


Your right. The body language said more though :grinning:


Agreed let’s get back on topic & not fall back to old patterns.

The community has demonatrated alot growing & evolving. We’ve moved from recent events and have chosen positivity over delving into to what is truly at this point unknown.

Let’s maintain positive momentum; we need to make this a positive place. When the headsets are released we need everypne comfortable being here. To build community help & how to guides.

This can become a Hub for VR. We have such a diverse culture here.

With having content & hardware developers here is beneficial as they can interact with the community for feedback & ideas etc.


VRFocus mentions demo with 8K and captoglove, but doesn’t mention anything else. :frowning:


To me it seems like a copy paste of their press release which was linked here yesterday - however, he writes that is has been demoed with the 8K M1. You want my honest opinion - I believe he wasn‘t there at all, he just wrote it as if he had been, speculating that the M1 was used. I‘m not exactly impressed, to say the least.


Yeah sorry. False flag. I noticed a similar word by word pressrelease in Chinese.


Will the backers who try the M1 at E3 have to sign NDA 's too or could we soon hear some details about our headsets


Yes, of course they will have to sign NDAs. However, it wouldn’t surprise me if a few rumors leak out. I’d consider going myself, if I didn’t live thousands of miles away. Then I’d keep my mouth shut and listen to the forum ravings with a smile, knowing I had a secret. :stuck_out_tongue:


Almost impossible to stop some info getting out through anonymous posts etc , this is all publicity stuff


Wild horses couldn’t drag me away…if I lived nearby


Actually, it doesn’t appear to be on the main floor and seems to be after hours, so it’s likely you wouldn’t need to buy a ticket to E3, just to see the Pimax M1 demo.


I think that with Pimax everything is possible :wink:


There is a topic over on r vive and at least one person posting there is going to check it out.



Seems to be something else than the main e3 event


It’s actually a few blocks away


AFAIK Pimax are not an exhibitor at E3, so how would they conduct a demo at E3 ? I understand this to be a demo probably in a hotel suite or at a partner’s premises.


It is, look at the address provided and the map in the post above. It’s a private showing.


its technically the haptic glove company , not pimax/


That’s not the same demo, is it. Captoglove said to demo its product at E3 i.a. with the M1, which probably did not happen (is not happening). Probably too much in contrast with the closed beta secrecy.
So I guess that Pimax decided to arrange for a closed demo instead, obliging the participants to confidentiality (which CaptoGlove probably did not want to complicate their own demos).


Do you know that for sure? It might be the same M1 headset at both events.