PIPLAY 3.0 released?


I noticed there was new PIPLAY version and I updated. Now some text is in chinese.
I gained maybe 5-10 FPS in elite dangerous but the ghosting seems to be worse than before.
Why is there absolutely no info here at forums about new PIPLAY relesae ???



hi @Pimax-Support @xunshu @bacon

I can confirm that the menus in the new piplay are in Chinese even when choosing English as the language… my installation screenshots are below for your reference.




Might also want to point out that ALL of the content on 3.0 is saying its FREE? for things like Project Cars and Doom VR… these types of games are AAA rated and wont be FREE. so you will need to have a look at how the price is being picked up.



This is a Beta release, not formal, we will change character string in next build soon.


Apologies I was under the impression beta releases were for those of us on the beta release program to provide feedback on our experiences on installation and usability?

We are not saying it’s wrong… Mearly advising that language and content pricing are not correct.

I will still report anything that needs to be changed in beta piplay so can be mitigated prior to prod stable release



I was too subscribed to the beta program and I got the piplay 3.0. My pimax 4K was recognized just after installation (windows 10). But after reboot, impossible to get the pimax 4K recognized by piplay 3.0 (hdmi not detected, but usb detected)… I had to uninstall and come back to version 2 to get my pimax detected again.


Hi pimax, cannot confirm that my 4k using piplay 3.0 has that problem - have restarted multiple times in piplay 3.0 and 4k is fine, so it is an individual problem for this user, can you please use TeamViewer to help resolve it




Hi,as per the situation that you have met, please send your issue in detail to our mailbox: support@pimaxvr.com
We are willing to help you.:slight_smile:


installed for a test , had english menus but noticable preformance loss and first time i have ever experienced ghosting. the new look is refreshing though.


Confirmed. I installed 3.0 and the ghost is a lot worse, now I’m seeing ghosts even on YouTube videos.


I also installed 3.0 and confirm that ghosting is much worse. I’m going back to


id like to add that in all versions of piplay i have alot of hang time switching between menus, id like to see a option for basic UI which disables all the 3d download content windows. i bought the pimax because i have a lower end pc and these menus are robbing me of preformance even if it is a small amount. would be nice to have the main window with a nice clean interface with the pimax logo and some links to the forum with the side option to open up a list of downloadable content.


after testing piplay 3.0 extensively i noticed more lateral drift in games where you have to look to the side for more than 5 seconds at a time… i.e in ED when looking at a left or right panel for a few mins and then looking straight ahead again the HMD’s center has moved a few degrees in that direction… does not seem to be an issue when just turning head while looking around, only seems to happen after staring to the side for longer than just a fleeting look.

ghosting is a little worse in some games… i.e. ED and RaceRoom… but much worse in things like face your fears. I will keep this piplay version installed to do more testing but it does seem worse that the last 2.x version.



I know its beta but the main feature was supposed to the reduced ghosting. Instead everyone has mentioned the ghosting is worse?! Incredible…


Keep in mind without a beta changelog. Its possible key changes might be gearing up for m1 test.

But yeah its unfortunate. @Pimax-Support did mention they have been testing out a fix but no details atm save testing software & hardware.

So with that hopefully the fix does include the current 4k & not a full hardware change. Said details likely released sometime this month.


@bacon @Pimax-Support @xunshu @PimaxVR

Just installed

1st thoughts.
nice UI and all text is in English which are the only positives i can find!

now the big negative…sorry about this team!
in game ghosting has become intolerable in my primary game Elite Dangerous, also looks bad in face your fears and dont let go as well as redout. The ghosting was worsened in the upgrade to but on this newer version it has become so bad that ghosting is at least 2-5mm either side when moving your head and it completely removes the immersion. it feels that whatever ghosting algorithm you were using in the later versions of 2.x which you managed to compete with 1.1.92 ghosting using steamvr compositor unfortunately… you have gone off the rails and with this new version you have moved further away from the zero ghosting goals i thought you were going towards. it is so bad that i cant even look around inside a space station without feeling like im looking as a mess of colour smudging.

I will have to uninstall 3.x and go back to 2.x latest just to be able to try any games…

i would not recommend this new version for any of the beta testers.



How can the ghosting become worse when it’s been a main complaint?

Trying has morphed into disregarding…


Simple really… Ghosting in last 3.0 was worse than best version of and had ghosting artifacts of about 2mm.
Latest 3.x version image stutters and ghosting has increased to about 5mm… So yes it has got worse