Piplay Installation and Using Instructions


“as soon as possible” (support replies)? Yes. Or never. That’s the experience I make right now since three weeks!


This thread is a year old. Can you get me up to speed on this 3 weeks?

If it’s regarding a Vega Gpu. Amd still hasn’t fixed it on their end. Atm we have the special firmware & atm the first vega driver works best.


so what is the Chinese software its installing everything else is in English this seems very shady i got a extreme deal 70$ brand new aukey cortex 4k vr (pimak 4k) re-brand in the front of the headset it says aukey power by pimax in the bottom right corner absolute steal coming into the game in 2019 i see that the software is very usable now butt what is the Chinese stuff about i dont need any viruses on my pc cause i could always just make this the dk2 or an hdk2 meaning it will be seen as their headset as im not really that interested in the oculus store games soo please answer if you can???



There is just chinese characters in the installer. As far as my experience the chinese software is just pitool/piplay software. Recommend using pitool


so now its an all ,in one package i dont have to download firmware seprate?4


Not sure on p4k firmware. Last version of firmware I think was 265. But with Pitool it’s for all now. Pitool for example added new support for p4k with Nolo.

Originally long ago piplay had a few different modes that allowed you to run Oculus programs. This was discontinued in later piplay versions. In pitool they made this work again without having different oculus modes.

You can run many Oculus programs without using Revive. You just need Oculus Home installed. You might need to reinstall pitool if oculus home installed later (not sure).


so firmare will be installed awen i install piplay and pitool


Piplay no longer needed. They might conflict with one another if both run.

P4k hasn’t had new firmware in awhile. Not sure if pitool would push new firmware for the p4k or not. @Doman.Chen can answer better on this.


so i just install piplay and im all set if not were can i get these firmware downloads no were on there site


I reccommend installing Pitool instead of piplay.

What firmware does it have installed? If it’s 265 that I believe is the newest firmware.

@Enopho is using a pimax 4k.


Apologizes for not replying earlier… been abroad with work. The P4k does not need a manual firmware install. I used to use Piplay as was recommended by Pimax staff, but i have since tested most of the pitool versions on the 4k and i now personally use pitool ver which installs the firmware automatically… the firmware version that comes with it is for your reference.



so does that pitool version lagg i noticed the newest one did some weird stuff on the screen laggin gray on the side glitching that it does not do with piplay


The version I am using does not lag, but to get the same quality of graphics as I did with piplay, I dropped the Pitool render slider to 1.25 rather than 3. But it does have a similar GPU quality anyway.

The added features on pitool more than make up for the improvements.



can you post the version of pitool you use i cant find it @Enopho thanks


This is the latest. Look in banner topic “Pitool downloads”


I can when I’m back home… Just taken the kids to a manic 13th birthday party… I think the noise has deafened me!


I have not tested the latest one Helio, so I don’t know if it works on p4k. I think @killav420 is after version… Same one I’m using.


@killav420 try this link it is from pitool downloads under Legacy drop down.



@Enopho is this version @Heliosurge posted work also can use please poast version i cant find it in legacy downloads only 95 it has it this mayb this is misspelled PiToolSetup_181_95.exe


@Enopho @Heliosurge i also still wonder y with a headset with this high of resolution the 3d still doesnt look the same as it woould on nomal monitor or tv i wonder y is it a limitation of vr lenses in general for some reason i think i felt more immersed with my samsung gear vr i know very weird is the some type of 3d scale option i have to mest with???